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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Alternative to Microsoft AutoRoute Software

The trip planning tools in Maptitude identify optimal routes for travel and deliveries, calculate the distances between destinations, and produce driving directions. AutoRoute™ has been discontinued and Maptitude is the best replacement.

Several key features of Maptitude include:

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Routes that can be manually edited by dragging the path to new destinations
  • Prioritizing travel over highways, allowing for faster routing over long distances
  • Creating a directions report for your route
  • Support for nationwide trip planning to an unlimited number of destinations
  • Viewing of multiple routes in a single map
As the alternative to the AutoRoute software, Maptitude calculates the fastest routes between waypoints

When a trip involves many different stops/waypoints, Maptitude helps you decide the best order to visit them. Most importantly, Maptitude lets you choose what type of route you want:

  • The shortest route
  • The fastest route
  • The ordered route (when visits or deliveries must be conducted sequentially)
  • The route that returns to the origin
  • The route that you interactively modify
Minimum driving time route map that services multiple locations using Maptitude, the alternative to Microsoft AutoRoute

The best route can mean different things to different people. Often the best route is the one that is the fastest, while others prefer the path that is shortest in terms of mileage, or a trip that maximizes use of highways, or avoids population centers:

  • A salesperson might want to set up an itinerary for less driving time and more time with customers
  • A chemical company transporting hazardous chemicals may want to uses roads that avoid areas where many people live or work

Maptitude has the features of Microsoft AutoRoute and can meet all the above demands. Maptitude uses an accurate and up-to-date street database. Maptitude handles one-way streets, and supports display of these on the map.

You can easily get started planning your route by simply clicking in a map on all the places you want to visit. You can also locate stops/waypoints by typing an address, or automatically by using addresses in an Excel spreadsheet or in any other table or database. If you have a point layer of your customers, you could select the customers you want to visit and then have Maptitude determine the best route to use to visit them.

Geocoded customer locations map and drive-time rings using Maptitude, the alternative to MS AutoRoute

There are also additional best route tools that allow you to:

  • Create rings to show drive time or distance from one or more locations
  • Create territories on streets using travel time

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North American Users:
Maptitude is also an alternative to Microsoft Streets & Trips and the discontinued Microsoft MapPoint.

Nigel Waters

“Caliper produces the inexpensive Maptitude desktop GIS package which has extensive GIS-Transportation functionality.”

Prof. Nigel Waters
George Mason University


Video Tutorial: Using the Maptitude Routing Manager

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