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Maptitude Mapping Software for Power BI Mapping

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Create Maps with MS Power BI

You can use the very affordable but powerful Maptitude mapping software to geocode or create drive time rings or map or create territories (among many other types of analysis!), and then easily visualize and further analyze the data in Microsoft Power BI.

Paul Lucassen

“You cannot compare mapping in Power BI, with true GIS software such as Maptitude. I have been using Maptitude for many years now as my favourite GIS and prepare maps for Power BI with it. Thus benefitting from both worlds, where Power BI adds a dynamic element to the analysis and visualisation layers, created in Maptitude.”

Paul Lucassen
Lucassen Consulting

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude to create maps for Microsoft Power BI™:

  • Maptitude has full support for Microsoft applications such as Excel, Access, and SQL Server
  • Maptitude exports to common formats such as Shapefile or GeoJSON that can be converted for use in Power BI
  • Own your maps: Never lose access to your maps and data just because your subscription has expired
  • Maptitude has unlimited offline geocoding (also called pin-mapping or address/postal/ZIP Code mapping) that does not require your sensitive locations to be uploaded to the Cloud
  • Maptitude allows unlimited transactions, freeing you from credit limits and additional charges
  • Maptitude does not have annual subscriptions
  • Maptitude has a full suite of mapping tools
  • Maptitude does not require you to upload your data to the Cloud
  • Maptitude can be run completely offline, even without an Internet connection

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Create maps with MS Power BI

Create drive-time rings in Maptitude and then create maps with MS Power BI

Power BI mapping

Power BI mapping map based on Maptitude state map

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