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Maptitude Mapping Software Maplytics™ Replacement

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Alternative to Maplytics

Maptitude can access data from most sources including from customer relationship management systems directly via database access, programmatically using the included GISDK, or through file import/export.

The key features of Maptitude include:

  • Geocode CRM Data
    Maptitude location intelligence software gives you free geocoding. You can find unlimited numbers of points or pushpins for each record in your table and see the distribution of your clients, offices, and assets.
  • Map CRM Data
    Maptitude has a Find Wizard that maps your data automatically and flags un-found locations for review. Shade and categorize your pushpins or boundaries using a variety of compelling, informative, and attractive methods.
  • Radius Search
    With only a few clicks, the Maptitude map radius software helps you to build personalized radius maps. Inside your search distance, you can automatically create an Excel report for your area that explains the demographics and places.
  • Nearby Places
    The Nearby Features tool offers a simple way to locate all those locations at a distance from other locations along a given straight line ("as the crow flies") or drive-time and creates a table with the results. E.g., if you want to locate all the buyers or rivals within any distance of one of your shops, this is especially useful.
  • Route Optimization
    In Maptitude, the trip planning tools define optimum travel and delivery paths, measure the distances between destinations, and create driving directions.
  • Geo-Analytical Tools
    The Maptitude Location Intelligence product has tools and data that can transform vast quantities of business information into visual images that are color-coded and that make it easier to see patterns and produce useful intelligence.
  • Heat Map Visualization
    Maptitude allows you to build heat maps using the demographic data included, or using your data, such as that stored as an Excel customer spreadsheet.
Saige Paget

“So we needed a product that would allow us to map where our customers are located and be able to analyze demographics. Overall, considering this is a one time buy and not a SaaS, it has excellent value. The ability to overlay your data with demographic information is awesome.”

 Saige Paget
Corporate Strategy Manager
Dental Marketing & Management Group
Map CRM data with Maptitude Maplytics replacement

Geocode your search your CRM data with Maptitude alternative to Maplytics

Delivery route optimization with Maptitude Maplytics alternative

Route scheduling and optimization with Maplytics alternative, Maptitude

Map demographic or sales data with Maptitude Maplytics altnernative

Map the included demographic data or your own data with Maptitude Maplytics alternative

Case Study:

CKE Restaurants How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude
CKE relies on Maptitude to simplify territory identification and allocation, as well as to improve franchisee satisfaction through providing insightful market intelligence.

Maptitude Users

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude as an alternative to Maplytics:

√  Maptitude is developed by Caliper Corporation at our USA Headquarters in Newton, MA, and we are proud of the contributions that we have made to the local and national economy as one of the few entirely USA-based mapping companies.

√  Some mapping companies pursue strategies that involve using offshore programming/development labor, leaving limited staff in the USA to provide the quality customer service that corporate American customers expect. Maptitude is known for having excellent product and customer support, right here in the USA (rather than in India), that is reinforced with high-quality learning materials. Make sure your mapping software vendor is focused on the needs of the US market.

√  Own your maps: Never lose access to your maps and data just because your subscription has expired.

√  Maptitude has unlimited offline geocoding (also called pin-mapping or address/postal/ZIP Code mapping) that does not require your sensitive locations to be uploaded to the Cloud

√  Maptitude allows unlimited transactions, freeing you from credit limits and additional charges

√  Maptitude does not have annual subscriptions

√  Maptitude has a full suite of mapping tools

√  Maptitude can be run completely offline, even without an Internet connection

Maptitude Demo

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