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Maptitude Mapping Software

Only $695 and Includes FREE Country Package of Data ($595 value)

Maptitude mapping software gives you the tools, maps, and demographic data you need to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your business. Every day you have to contend with spreadsheets and databases filled with vast amounts of customer, employee, sales, facility, and territory data. Maptitude mapping software unlocks the trends hidden in your data and gives you the tools to understand how geography effects your business and to visualize those hidden patterns. With Maptitude mapping software you can:

  • Know exactly where your customers are
  • See where sales are highest
  • Find over- and  under-served areas
  • Spot geographic trends

Maptitude mapping software also contains powerful location intelligence tools giving you a deeper understanding of the geographic relationships in your data.

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Estimate populations around locations on a map

Use the included demographics to estimate populations

Locate your customers on a map

Create pin maps by address, postal code, coordinate, and more for unlimited numbers of records

Create drive-time rings around map features

Determine drive-time or distance rings at any interval

Build custom sales territories and districts

Build custom territories based on areas, proximity, or drive time

Create drive-time rings around map features

Identify weighted concentrations of features and over- and under-served areas

Filter features by geographic attributes

Filter features based on location and geographic attributes as well as conditional data attributes

Find a weighted center for a cluster of point locations

Determine trade areas and identify valuable sites

Locate your customers on a map

Customize feature styles, heat maps, charts, 3D maps, and more

Find shortest paths and routes

Measure distances and find shortest and fastest routes

Steve Lombardi

“Good thematic analysis can be complex, especially in a web interface. This Maptitude powered application does a nice job of making it simple for the user.”

Steve Lombardi

Once you understand the patterns hidden in the numbers, share your maps to tell your stories. Copy them to reports and slideshow presentations, save them to images for use on websites, or print them out as handouts or wall-size posters.

Maptitude online mapping software is only US$420 per year and includes a free country data package that includes an up-to-date street layer with addresses for pin-mapping (geocoding) and travel time information for visualizing routes and drive-time rings. Also included are comprehensive background maps and postal data.

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