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Maptitude Mapping Software

Alternative to Microsoft Maps

With the discontinuation of MapPoint®, Maptitude now dominates the desktop space vacated by Microsoft. Maptitude is a widely-used and fully featured mapping application targeted at business users in every global market and is the best Microsoft replacement.

MapPoint provided outdated data. Don't use old data for new location-based decisions. Upgrade to Maptitude to use the latest features, Census numbers, and demographics. 

Feature equivalent to MapPoint and supports MapPoint files


 Imports MapPoint PTM files  

 Unlimited layers/geocoding/routing

 Radius and drive-time tools


 Routing tools

 Complete control over speeds by road type

 Export to Excel

 Link and update data

 Copy drawing items between maps


Microsoft Maps Replacement for Routing

Microsoft Maps Replacement for Routing

Territory Alternative to Microsoft Maps

Territory Alternative to Microsoft Maps

Maptitude opens your MapPoint pushpin and territory layers

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Custom map software - MaptitudeWhy Coverpoint chose Maptitude as the alternative to MapPoint.

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