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Maptitude Mapping Software RouteSavvy Replacement

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Alternative to RouteSavvy

Maptitude is a RouteSavvy™ alternative. With Maptitude you get extensive analytical functionality in one package, without the need to buy expensive and complicated extensions. If you need a wealth of business critical data in a competitively priced, easy-to-use system then choose Maptitude!

Flexible Vehicle Routing

Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are critical to a company’s success. Research shows that companies using sophisticated supply chain methods achieve profit levels 12 times greater than those with less sophisticated solutions. Maptitude ships with a detailed nationwide road database to support a variety of logistics operations.

What does Maptitude do?

When routing vehicles, Maptitude is an excellent map-based tool for saving time and money. Maptitude mapping software clients include most of the Fortune 100, and of these, Maptitude is used by the majority in logistics. It is a data-rich solution for quickly calculating the shortest route (or "Household Goods" (HHG) mileage) and the fastest route (or "Practical" mileage). Maptitude will soon support routes limited to roads that allow trucks, and this attribute is already provided on the Maptitude street databases.

Find shortest and fastest routes Maptitude mapping software RouteSavvy alternative Maptitude mapping software RouteSavvy alternative includes attributes for limited access

Improve Operations

The mileage and routing features in Maptitude improve the effectiveness of your operations and accounting teams with easy-to-use tools and reporting:

  • Use mileage to audit trip records, driver daily logs, employee timecards or earning records, dispatch reports, bills of lading, fuel receipts, fuel invoices, and bulk fuel withdrawal records.
  • Improve back-office productivity by calculating origin-destination miles.
  •  Negotiate freight rates using shortest path mileages or other options:
    Route Options in Maptitude mapping software RouteSavvy replacement

Find Optimal Routes

Accurately create, modify, and optimize routes for any Country Package including the USA, Canada, and Mexico:

  • Choose between shortest and fastest mileage
  • Export routes and directions to Excel and PDF
Find optimal routes Maptitude mapping software RouteSavvy replacement

Use the Maptitude RouteSavvy alternative to find efficient routes that minimize travel time or distance

Model Long-Haul Trips

When analyzing long-haul trips, an analyst often wants to model routes that go through the night or that have custom rest times. Maptitude allows you to create overnight routes or routes with no fixed end time. Also, the rest settings support government rules such as those for interstate truck drivers in the USA. Additionally, you can cluster your lists of customers sites that need visiting and optimize a route for each group of destinations.

Long-haul trip planning with Maptitude mapping software RouteSavvy alternative

 Optimize long-haul routes with Maptitude route planning tools

Increase Profit Margins

  • Lower maintenance costs: Fewer miles travelled means less deterioration of vehicles
  • Lower fuel consumption: Optimizing vehicle routes results in higher fuel economy throughout a fleet, increasing competitiveness and reducing overhead expenditures
  • Lower labor costs: Maptitude shortens the time spent planning routes.
Aimee Barlow

“Using Maptitude to work out the closest members of staff to each store we visit has been incredibly helpful in reducing the travel done by our merchandisers, leading to positive environmental and financial results.”

Aimee Barlow
Data Analyst, eXPD8 Analytics

Plan More Effectively

Map your routes using a variety of options to explore the most suitable solutions:

  • Departure and arrival time windows: Maptitude provides detailed trip itineraries, detailing travel times, availability, rest periods, and more.
  • Multiple stops: Model multiple stops for a multiple vehicle fleet and compare the fastest and shortest routes.
  • Save routes and waypoints: Save your routes, origins, and destinations as a single document for ease of sharing and file management. Routing and delivery options with Maptitude alternative to RouteSavvy
    Maptitude mapping software routing and logistics RouteSavvy replacement

Planning deliveries and pickups with multiple depots with Maptitude Routesavvy replacement

Andreas De Rosi

“Maptitude has extensive route managing tools which are ideal for logistics companies and those who often have country-wide deliveries. You can use the tools to manage a fleet of vehicles and plan the most cost-effective delivery routes.”

Andreas De Rosi


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Maptitude Trucking Mileage Software Requirements

Maptitude fleet mileage software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 or 10. The software also includes the Geographic Information System Developer’s Kit (GISDK™), an API supporting integration with 3rd party applications.

Using Maptitude mapping software to optimize delivery routes