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Maptitude Mapping Software for Foresters

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GIS for Forestry

Who uses Maptitude for forestry mapping?

  • Consulting foresters
  • Landowners
  • Forestry commissions
  • Independent foresters
  • Field foresters

How is Maptitude used for forestry mapping?

  • Maptitude is used by foresters to improve the quality of forest management maps, such as those used in plans developed under landowner assistance programs.
  • Maptitude is used with GPS devices to make cruise maps, stand maps, map boundary lines, manage thinning, map tree locations, etc. 
  • Maptitude can display topographic imagery layers and aerial photo layers as background layers or base maps.
  • Maptitude can map contours and display 3D elevations and surfaces
  • Maptitude can be used for natural resource management, mapping farmland, forests and recreational sites, agri-business, woodlot management, watershed protection, timber inventory, silviculture activities, woodlot maintenance, campground facilities, and native tree species identification

Alabama'a Treasured Forests: On the Cutting Edge of Technological Advancement

Services Provided

Maptitude supports these forestry services:

  • Watershed management
  • Timber inventory
  • Silviculture activities
  • Woodlot maintenance
GIS for forestry map of prime forests

Maptitude GIS for forestry map of prime forests

Maptitude foresters mapping software map of silviculture improvment and reforestation

Maptitude foresters mapping software map of silviculture improvment and reforestation

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For special projects and reports, Maptitude provides better analysis and illustration of information. Using tabulated data, this program creates maps, charts, and graphs. For example, the extreme damage caused by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 required immediate emergency response from the AFC.

Dana McReynolds
GIS Coordinator
Alabama Forestry Commission

I use Maptitude from Caliper in Mass. and a Trimble GEOXM with ArcPad. Load the GIS right onto the GPS unit with an aerial photo and off you go. Used it for 6 years and have traversed several hundred acres a year for thinning.... Maptitude is 1/3 the cost of ArcMap and does more out of the box.

William Crawford
Centreville, NB, Canada

The South Carolina Forestry Commission has been looking for a low cost desktop mapping application for use by its field foresters in preparing forest stewardship and other forest management plans. After several years of looking at what was available, the Commission selected a product from Caliper Corporation called Maptitude....Consulting foresters and landowners can easily afford to explore the benefits of GIS in their daily operations. It has powerful tools that make map creation easy.

Jeffrey L. Baumann
Dispatch & Forest Technology Coordinator
South Carolina Forestry Commission