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Maptitude for Redistricting

Council Redistricting Software - Redrawing Council Districts

Council redistricting is a complex process incorporating input from a wide variety of stakeholders. For Council redistricting, often a districting commission for the city must use criteria in determining the city council lines such as:

  • Population. The difference between the most populous and the least populous council district must not exceed a percentage of the average population for all council districts.
  • Fair and effective representation. The redistricting plan must be established in a manner that ensures the fair and effective representation of the racial and language minority groups in the city.
  • Communities of Interest. District lines should keep intact neighborhoods with established ties of common interest and association, whether historical, racial, economic, ethnic, religious or other.
  • Compactness. Each district must be compact, e.g., each district cannot be more than twice as long as it is wide.
  • Contiguity. Each district must be contiguous, and whenever a part of a district is separated from the rest of the district by a body of water, there must be a connection by a bridge, a tunnel, a tramway, or regular ferry service.
  • Political boundaries. A district cannot cross local or county boundaries.

This is why Caliper developed Maptitude for Redistricting.

Maptitude for Redistricting is the ultimate in redistricting software. It is used by a majority of the state legislatures, redistricting commissions, political parties, and public interest groups. A web-based version, Maptitude Online Redistricting, is suitable for individual citizens and legislators who wish to propose boundaries for their district or even an entire plan.

To learn more about the council redistricting features in Maptitude for Redistricting, please see the Features page or contact Caliper Sales at or by phone at 617-527-4700.

Redrawing council districts with Maptitude

Redrawing council districts with Maptitude for Redistricting

Mapping council districts with Maptitude

Mapping council districts with Maptitude for Redistricting