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Voter Management Software Integration

Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management (Maptitude P&E) combines sophisticated software, an easy-to-use interface, and a wide array of customized data to create a complete precinct and election management solution for county and state election offices. Use it alone or in conjunction with your county and statewide voter management software.

Maptitude P&E contains a variety of tools for modifying precinct boundaries. Once you have defined your new precinct boundaries, Maptitude P&E can automatically update the street index file required by your voter management software. You can combine odd and even ranges, account for precinct splits, and print a sorted report.

Maptitude P&E can open and enhance voter files from your voter management software. Sophisticated geocoding tools result in a very high match rate. The geocoder automatically adds the precinct code and codes for any other layers requested by the user (e.g. census blocks, districts, and ballot styles). Compare the results from Maptitude with data already in the voter management file to identify errors. Once all voters have been geocoded, you can update voter and party counts in the block, precinct, district, and ballot style layers, and any other geographic layers you choose. Since this information is added to the original voter file, it is immediately available to the voter management software.


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