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Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management

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Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and Maptitude P&E

Invest a Little — Gain a Lot

Here are just some of the ways that Maptitude for Precinct & Election Management can leverage your HAVA funding:

Eliminate Errors in Your Voter File

Maptitude for Precinct & Election Management (P&E) complements your voter registration software. Since Maptitude P&E "thinks" spatially, it can place your voters on the map and assign them to their correct precinct or precinct split. Compare these results with data in your voter registration system to verify accuracy and discover coding errors.

Update Your Street Index File in Minutes, Not Months

The redistricting & reprecincting process inevitably renders your street index file out-of-date. Maptitude P&E overlays all of the district boundaries on the street layer, figures out which street and address ranges are in each precinct and ballot style, and creates the new street index file.

Educate the Public with Informative Maps

  • Provide paper maps for resale as well as static and interactive maps on your Web site showing all district boundaries (e.g., county commission, state leg., congress, school, etc.), precincts, and polling places.
  • Include driving directions and information about elected officials and candidates.
  • Create informative maps for your voter information packages.
  • Present election results on your web site.
Maptitude district map with poll sites
Maptitude precinct map with election results

Create informative maps that show political district boundaries, polling place locations, or election results.

Facilitate Election Day Activities

  • Create countywide polling place maps showing all available sites, and locate the best set of polling places for each election.
  • Assign workers to the polling place nearest their house. Map field supervisors' areas of technical support.
  • Create drop-off area maps for return of election results for each polling place.

Enhance the Political Process

  • Sell maps that clearly define district boundaries to candidates.
  • Create walk lists for purchase.

Provide Targeted Language Assistance

Analyze detailed census data, and target those areas with real need. Rather than diluting the effectiveness of your efforts, provide interpreters and translations at polling places where they are most needed.