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Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management

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Maptitude P&E Tech Corner

1. What do I need to do before I enter the P&E Mgt-Settings?

2. I created a redistricting plan and have finished reprecincting. How do I make the Districts layer in a plan into my new precincts layer?

3. Can I use the same base map for a redistricting plan and as the Precinct Map in the P&E settings?

4. I have precinct geography that does not follow block boundaries. How can I create Block Pieces that can be used as a basis for my new Precincts?

5. Some of my voters live at locations that do not have a normal street address (dorms, mining camps, military bases). How can I assign them a geographic location so that I can determine their precinct?

6. Some of my voters were not located because the streets they live on are not in the streets file. How can I add streets to the streets file?

7. How do I compare election and voter registration data from different elections where precinct boundaries have changed?

8. How can I add highways to my map that are only for my area?

9. Can I publish precinct maps, polling place maps, redistricting/reprecincting plans, and other maps and data on the Internet or my intranet?

10. On what version of TIGER is the Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management data built?

11. Can I use a dummy variable for the control field if I don't care about control field values?

12. Can I have null values in the control field?

13. How can I make my own geography appear in the hierarchy?

14. Can MCDs be included in a hierarchy?

15. How can I label the borders of my districts with feature names of streets, etc.?

16. There is a blue "i" on my Maptitude screen that I cannot get to go away. Selecting it with the Pointer tool and deleting seems to have no effect. What should I do?

17. Can multiple users share the same geographic file over a network?

18. How can I recreate a plan with current political districts (e.g. State Legislative Districts, Congressional Districts, etc.)?

19. How can I display the Plan Components Report with shortened tract or block numbers?

20. Why are ZIP Codes missing from my street index?

21. Some of the addresses are linked with the wrong place name in my street index. What can I do?

22. It is important that I know the county for each address range in my street index. How can I get this information?

23. How do I locate voters whose street name starts with a number?

24. How can I get the Legal Description report to use my own streets layer data?

25. How do I synchronize street names on the map with voter addresses in my voter registration software?

26. I am using the pick boundary line tool in the map editing toolbox. I have lines which join to existing areas. When I select all parts of the missing line to append to the area layer, nothing happens when I click the Commit button. What is wrong?

27. I used the redistricting tools in P&E to reprecinct. How do I add these new precinct boundaries to my precinct map?

28. Now that I have created new precinct boundaries with Maptitude P&E, how do I get them to work with my county's GIS?