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Maptitude P&E Tech Corner

How can I recreate a plan with current political districts (e.g. State Legislative Districts, Congressional Districts, etc.)?

If you already have an equivalency file, you can import that file during the plan creation process to rebuild the plan in Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management.

If you do not have an equivalency file, do the following:

  1. Choose File-Open and open the fixed-format binary file ccblk.bin. This is the part of the census block database that contains the attribute information for blocks.
  2. Choose Dataview-Fields, clear all of the fields from the list, and then add back BLK and your desired field from the list below.
    Field Description
    Congress Congressional District
    SLDU State Legislative Code, Upper Chamber
    SLDL State Legislative Code, Lower Chamber
    VTD Voting Districts
  3. Choose File-Save As and save the dataview as a Dbase file.
  4. Create a new plan by importing the equivalency file.


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