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Maptitude P&E Tech Corner

Now that I have created new precinct boundaries with Maptitude P&E, how do I get them to work with my county's GIS?

If your county is using Maptitude for their GIS software, create a Maptitude compact geographic file. If they are using another GIS, Maptitude can easily create a file they can use, such as an ArcView shapefile or a MapInfo interchange file:

  1. Open the redistricting plan and make the new precincts layer the Working Layer. If you did not change the name, the new precincts layer is named Districts.
  2. Choose Tools-Export to display the Export Precincts Geography dialog box.
  3. Choose All Records in the Export drop-down list.
  4. If the county GIS is based on Maptitude, choose Compact Geographic File in the To drop-down list. If the county GIS is not based on Maptitude, choose the appropriate file format (e.g., Esri shapefile, MapInfo interchange) in the To drop-down list. The other settings should be correct.
  5. Change the Data Field to None
  6. Click OK. Maptitude P&E displays the Save As dialog box.
  7. Choose the desired drive and folder, and type the name of the new precinct file.
  8. Click Save.

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