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Maptitude for Redistricting

The Best Software for Local Redistricting

Local level redistricting is just as important as redrawing the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts, being required every ten years in conjunction with the release of the decadal Census data. Local redistricting evaluates the boundaries of counties, city wards, water districts, school districts, and any other special district.

People's Guide to RedistrictingThe same standards that apply to redistricting at the congressional level also apply to local government redistricting. These include the principles of equal population (one person one vote), prohibition of racial discrimination, and maintaining compact and contiguous districts, among others.

There are also differences by locality and local government regulation:

  • Deadlines
  • Public participation requirements

Maptitude for Redistricting, the preferred redistricting tool of state legislatures, political parties, and public interest groups, is also the best tool for redistricting at the local level. Maptitude for Redistricting provides the most complete and up-to-date Census data for your local analysis and makes it easy to view, analyze, and adjust your proposed plan.

Karl Aro

“It's light years ahead. The software can do so much more, so much more quickly.”

 Karl Aro
Director, Maryland Dept. of Legislative Services

Maptitude online solutions support local redistricters when they are required to share redistricting tools or plans internally or externally. Whether you need to make plans available for public comment, or to allow the public to submit their own proposed plans, or to support redistricting on your intranet, Maptitude has a suite of applications that will meet your needs.

Local line drawers rave about Maptitude for Redistricting’s ability to query and display data in meaningful ways. The City of New York and most counties in California are among the growing number of local entities that have used Maptitude for Redistricting.

Case Studies:

Ventura County Redistricting
Ventura County, CA
A community-based task force’s redistricting plan
Glynn County Redistricting
Glynn County, GA 
Redistricting unbalanced county districts
New York City Redistricting
NYC Board of Elections
Redrawing lines due to reapportionment

The Maptitude Team is also a highly regarded local redistricting services provider offering customized data that combine Census statistics with local data and information from any other source. Maptitude software products are supported with extensive technical services in GIS applications and training, database development, and software customization.

To learn more about Maptitude for Redistricting, contact Sales or call us: +1 617-527-4700.

Maptitude Local Redistricting Software

Maptitude local redistricting software

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Albany NY
Baltimore MD
Berkeley CA
Bloomington MN
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Columbia MO
Dallas TX
Jefferson MO
Lake Charles LA
Long Beach CA
Los Angeles CA
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
Pasadena CA
Phoenix AZ
Rock Hill SC
San Francisco CA
Villages FL
Westport CT
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