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Caliper is a GIS consulting business that provides geospatial consulting services. Caliper can meet your needs whether you are looking for GIS outsourcing, GIS services, or need to hire GIS mapping consultants.

As a GIS services company, our GIS consultancy teams can provide an individual GIS consultant for smaller tasks or a team of consultants for large-scale GIS enterprise consulting.

All our GIS specialists, developers, and designers are experienced industry consultants that can assist you with your project and business needs.

We develop several market-dominant and market-leading geospatial products in the fields of GIS, traffic simulation, transportation analysis, location intelligence, and business mapping software. Let us use our expertise and technology to save you money and enable you to get the location-based results that will make your organization more efficient.


  • Address geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Business consulting, enterprise consulting, and technical consulting services
  • Cartography and cartographic modeling
  • Configuration consulting
  • Data analysis, data output, and data production
  • Geostatistics
  • GIS projects
  • Management, routing, and directions for deliveries, vehicles, and fleets
  • Map creation
  • Modeling
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis
  • QGIS Consulting
  • Redistricting
  • Rent-a-tech consulting
  • Smart cities and telecommunications
  • Software customization and development
  • Territory maps
  • Topological modeling
  • Transportation planning and traffic engineering
  • Transportation networks and geometric networks
  • Urban planning and design
  • Web mapping and Internet mapping
  GIS Consulting for routing
GIS Consulting for traffic simulation and transportation

Charlotte Wang“My experience with Caliper was very smooth, the team responded very promptly to our enquiry, and were both accommodating and professional. For a busy research team, their customer service was both helpful and discerning, seamlessly reacting to our situation.”

Charlotte Wang

Jossie Brown“My experience thus far has been quick and easy. I received fast responses to my inquiry emails and look forward to remaining in contact with the Maptitude team.”

Jossie Brown

Shane Mosler“Caliper is an elite company in the world of GIS. Other than their incredible software, it is their customer service that truly sets them apart from the rest.”

Shane Mosler