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Maptitude Mapping Software GeoAccess Alternative

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GeoAccess Replacement

There are many benefits when you use Maptitude to create a GeoAccess™ report or to perform GeoAccess mapping:

  • Analyze the accessibility of health care networks using the extensive geographic data that is included
  • Compare ZIP Codes of health care providers and consumers
  • Measure the accessibility of health care networks using the geographic coordinates of health care provider locations
  • Take the accessibility of health care providers into account when selecting health care networks
  • Access valuable data including ZIP Codes and health care providers for free!

Maptitude is a robust and easy-to-use professional health care mapping tool. Maptitude provides all the features that your organization requires in order to take advantage of the geographic elements underpinning successful health care networks and medical services provision.

Maptitude costs only US$695 and is packaged as a one-stop-solution, shipping with all the tools and data required to allow hospital groups, managed care organizations, employer groups, and third party administrators (TPAs) to better operate in the competitive environment for delivering health care.

Maptitude includes one free Country Package of your choice. When you get the United States Country Package, you get demographic data from the state level all the way down to the Census Tract level. These data include population, income, and poverty variables, as well as fields describing the population with public, private, and no health coverage (both totals and by employment status), and the population with disabilities (by age group). See the U.S. Demographic Data tab on the United States Country Package page for more information.

Caliper also offers five additional health related data sets for free to Maptitude users. These data include the locations of hospitals, health clinics, other health care facilities, physicians, and other health care providers. These data are in Caliper's geographic file format and require Maptitude mapping software to open them.

Create-a-Map Wizard mapping technology in Maptitude also simplifies the task of mapping data from multiple sources. Create-a-Map Wizard guides you through the process displaying data on a map so you can, for example, show ZIP Codes with your aggregated patient data or show counties with CDC data.

Free Data

GeoAccess alternative map of health data available free to Maptitude users

Maptitude GeoAccess alternative lets you download free Maptitude health data layers including hospitals, clinics, physicians, and health care providers.

GeoAccess replacement Maptitude map of CDC diabetes data by county

Easily attach CDC and your data to a map and visualize the data with color and chart themes using the GeoAccess replacement, Maptitude.

What is a GeoAccess report?

A study on GeoAccess helps a company to see whether their workers have sufficient access to the provider network. The research takes the ZIP Codes of where the workers live and calculates how long they have to travel to get to a networked hospital or doctor. The research reveals the proportion of staff who have access to a given number of clinics, primary care doctors, or specialists. It is important to reach services that are in the network to save cash because certain insurers will not pay claims to a company outside the network.

Maptitude GeoAccess mapping alternative

Maptitude Geoaccess Mapping Alternative

Maptitude GeoAccess report alternative

Maptitude Geoaccess Report Alternative

“Maptitude is a GIS application with a strong public health emphasis.”

 Laura Larsson and Yuki Durham
Northwest Public Health

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