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Maptitude Mapping Software AnySite Replacement

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Alternative to AnySite - Magnify Alternative

MapInfo AnySite® is more expensive than Maptitude. The MapInfo prices for data, additional licenses, and maintenance increase these costs. If you need a wealth of business critical data in a competitively priced, easy-to-use system then choose Maptitude!

Maptitude: The Best Replacement for AnySite

With the discontinuation of AnySite, businesses in the retail, restaurant, real estate, and financial services industries are seeking a reliable replacement that can provide powerful geodemographic decision support. Maptitude emerges as the ideal solution, offering a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to fulfill these requirements.

Maptitude mapping software, like AnySite, serves as a desktop, geodemographic, decision support tool tailored for various industries. It enables analysts and executives to uncover the intricate relationship between trade area geodemographics and site potential or performance, empowering businesses to make informed location-based decisions.

Alternative to Magnify - Gadberry Magnify Replacement

Heat map created with Maptitude alternative to Magnify

Magnify Alternative - Gadberry Magnify Alternative

Drive-time rings created with Maptitude

Alternative to AnySite

Site analysis done with Maptitude alternative to AnySite

MapInfo AnySite Replacement

Market share analysis done with Maptitude AnySite replacement

Why is Maptitude the best replacement for MapInfo AnySite?

1. Comprehensive Demographic Reporting & Presentation

Maptitude provides access to critical demographic information necessary for site analysis. It is designed to cater to non-technical users in commercial real estate, retail, financial services, and economic development. The platform offers easy reporting on sites with the option to deliver reports in Excel format. Custom thematic maps based on standard or user-defined variables can be created, facilitating the generation of market analyses for internal or client meetings.

2. Powerful Location Capabilities

Maptitude equips businesses with robust site selection capabilities, enabling better decision-making. Gain valuable insights into the demographic and competitive landscape and leverage thematic mapping and layer control features to highlight relevant information. Maptitude also provides geodemographic segmentation data, allowing businesses to focus their marketing efforts based on consumer behavior and lifestyles. Additionally, traffic counts, aerial imagery, and consumer expenditure data can be seamlessly incorporated into the analysis.

3. Seamless Integration into Existing Business Processes

Maptitude empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions by visualizing key data and location information. It offers easy integration with most proprietary or third-party databases, allowing for the importation of relevant datasets. This seamless integration ensures that businesses can continue leveraging their existing data sources and workflows without disruption.

4. Robust Features

Maptitude offers a range of powerful features to enhance location-based analysis. Its data integration capabilities enable businesses to connect, retrieve, report, and map information from proprietary or third-party sources. It also provides the option to create and integrate MapInfo Professional file formats, further enhancing the flexibility and compatibility of the platform. Maptitude is pre-packaged with relevant datasets to expedite the setup process. Additionally, it supports exporting reports in multiple file formats, such as dbf, tab, and Excel. The platform is easy to deploy with various configurations and offers batch processing capabilities for efficient data management.

Using Maptitude, industry professionals can analyze the relationship between site performance and market trade area geodemographics. The platform's database allows for the aggregation of demographic variables from block groups, census tracts, ZIP Codes, counties, or state levels, providing a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Maptitude offers a powerful, user-friendly, and feature-rich solution to replace AnySite. It provides extensive demographic reporting, enhances location-based decision-making, seamlessly integrates with existing business processes, and offers a range of robust features. With Maptitude, businesses can continue leveraging the benefits of a comprehensive geodemographic decision support tool, facilitating their success in the retail, restaurant, real estate, and financial services industries.

Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?

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