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Maptitude Municipal Redistricting Software

Redrawing Municipalities with Maptitude

Many municipalities need to redraw municipal ward and district boundaries after the Federal Census. Constitutional doctrines, judicially mandated standards, voting laws, and local law, all influence municipal redistricting. Not only do certain charters mandate that a reapportionment order be adopted by the legislative body within a specified period of the publication of census results, but they also provide for the appointment of a district commission to study the data and establish a district strategy. These jurisdictions may sometimes merely re-enact their current proposal by meeting procedural guidance if amendments are not necessary.

The City/County Edition of Maptitude for Redistricting is the best software and data package to get the job done. This version comes with the data for your city or county, all ready to use.

A web-based version, Maptitude Online Redistricting, is suitable for individual citizens and legislators who wish to propose boundaries for their district or even an entire plan. There is also a version that runs as an extension to ArcGIS if you prefer working in that GIS environment.

To learn more about Maptitude for Redistricting, please see the Features page. For more information on the City/County Edition, contact Caliper Sales at or by phone at 617-527-4700.

Case Studies:

Lowell, Mass. Municipal Redistricting
Lowell, Massachusetts
Creating a hybrid redistricting plan
New York City Redistricting
NYC Board of Elections
Redrawing lines due to reapportionment

Maptitude is the perfect solution for adding additional GIS users where Esri software is already in use. Maptitude:

  • Integrates with other vendor products by supporting formats such as Esri shapefiles, Esri geodatabases, and Esri ArcMap maps (more...)
  • Has lower costs, lower barriers to use, and a lower learning curve
  • Can be installed and used within minutes of receiving a download of the software
  • Has low IT support needs as an MS Office style application
  • Has low ongoing costs (one-off pricing with optional annual upgrades)
  • Is commonly used where there is already an Esri installation
Maptitude Municipal Redistricting Software

Municipal redistricting software

Karl Aro

“It's light years ahead. The software can do so much more, so much more quickly.”

 Karl Aro
Director, Maryland Dept. of Legislative Services

Maptitude City Redistricting Clients (Partial List):

Albany NY
Baltimore MD
Berkeley CA
Bloomington MN
Buffalo NY
Columbia MO
Dallas TX
Jefferson MO
Lake Charles LA
Long Beach CA
Los Angeles CA
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
Pasadena CA
Phoenix AZ
Rock Hill SC
San Francisco CA
Villages FL
Westport CT
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