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Distance Matrix & Distance Calculator

Maptitude makes it easy to identify alternative service suppliers, backup field representatives, and the closest locations. For example, you can calculate the closest sales representative to each client or the closest vendor for each store. When the closest location is not available for reasons such as low inventory or temporary outages, you can immediately determine the alternative closest suppliers.

The Distance and Travel Times Tables tool allows you to choose a layer of origins and destinations and to calculate the travel distance or travel time or Euclidean distance between them. For example, using a point layer of stores and a separate point layer of customers you could create a table or matrix of the drive times to the various stores for each customer. Alternatively, you can use filters of origins and destinations from a single point layer.

The tool can also be used on area layers, for example, as a ZIP Code Distance Calculator on ZIP Code areas.

The results can be viewed in Excel or Maptitude, allowing you to easily sort the table to identify the closest locations. The output can be a:

  • Time matrix
  • Distance matrix
  • Time table
  • Distance table

Instead of drawing circles or drive-time zones on a map, this tool automates the task of finding the nearest locations. The Distance and Travel Time Tables tool can:

  1. Identify ZIP Codes within a specified distance of multiple locations allowing you to target customers and to plan marketing campaigns or geo-targeted advertising
  2. Automatically calculate the distance each person must travel to multiple locations to help you select from a list of sites that are most accessible to your customer base or employees
  3. Produce a table that you can use with the Territory Wizard to create market areas or to identify income, population, or other demographic variables by ZIP Code
  4. Produce a table that can be sorted or filtered to show the closest ZIP Codes

Distance Matrix and Distance Calculator

Distance Matrix and Distance Calculator

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Maptitude is competitively priced and enables organizations and businesses to use their location-based data to improve decision making. Why spend more for less?