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Maptitude Mapping Software

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The Complete Guide to Maptitude Mapping Software for Military Intelligence

What is a Defense Map Application?

A mapping software such as Maptitude supports the analysis, and data collection and data management, of information related to military logistics and defense intelligence. Mapping tools are very useful for seeing patterns in such data and in providing analytical tools that help you visualize and understand how to improve planning and logistics.

A GIS can be used in any wing of the military. For example:

  • Targeting recruitment efforts for the marines, army, navy, and air force
  • Managing Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare provision
  • Gathering and analyzing intelligence data
  • Logistical planning for the National Guard and armed forces

You can then share and export your results directly from within the mapping application.

Military Intelligence Mapping Software map

Mapping Tools for Defense Mapping

Terrain Analysis

Maptitude terrain analysis tools allow you to:

  • Calculate the elevation at a point
  • Perform visibility analysis
  • Visualize elevation profiles between points
  • Create contours as lines or areas
  • Create a 3D map
  • Find the shortest path over terrain


Military mapping surface analysis: contour map, visibility map, terrain shortest path

Advanced Coordinate Conversion

Geographic data can be stored in many ways, including some that don’t fit neatly into a defined coordinate system. Maptitude includes two advanced features that help you use geographic data from almost any source:

  • Support for multiple datums
  • Support for coordinate transformations

Maptitude stores the data in its geographic files in degrees of longitude and latitude. Maptitude lets you shift and scale the coordinates in an arbitrary coordinate system so that they match up with coordinates in a standard coordinate system. This way, Maptitude can correctly convert the data and store it in degrees of latitude and longitude. You can also convert Maptitude data so it can be used in your arbitrary coordinate system.

NAD83 Coordinate System Map

Examples of Military Mapping Research Using Maptitude

Access to veterans' needs

Veterans Needs Accessibility Study

Assess access to veterans' services such as veterans' homes, cemeteries, and hospitals.

Missouri Veterans Commission Veterans' Needs Feasibility Study

Service contract analysis

DOD facility access to landfills and transfer stations

Maximize the value of fiscal resources obligated to service contracts.

An Analysis of Category Management of Service Contracts

Defense trends

Maptitude map of total European defense spending and by category

Study defense budgets and spending, troop deployment, and regulatory frameworks.

European Defense Trends

Austin Clark

“We explored numerous commercially available software options typically utilized for business analysis functions. One of the best contenders was the Maptitude Geographic Information Software (GIS). Maptitude GIS is robust, easy-to-use, professional business mapping software that businesses use for in-depth geographic analysis of demographic data to make data-driven decisions.”

Austin Clark & Corey M. Arruda
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California

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