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Newsworthy allows Massachusetts residents to explore the issues that impact their community, gathered from a variety of disparate and normally unintegrated sources.

Mapping and big data are hot topics right now, but real-world public facing resources that easily convey this information are few.

If you find it fascinating it may well be fascinating to a broad audience. Google Earth’s main function is as an aerial photo viewer that people often use to see their house and neighborhood. MassStats takes this a step further and allows you to see the fabric of your community and how it compares to other communities. This is provided in a relatable map-based format.

The fact that we are also an Massachusetts GIS company helps to keep the focus local but interesting, especially given our impact on national mapping:


Skewed Reporting on Aisle-Neutral Software:
Over the last 12 months Maptitude Mapping Software has received mentions in Rolling Stone, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Atlantic Cities, The New York Times, and many other media outlets. However, it is often a short reference in regards to how Republicans use Maptitude to redistrict. This is despite Maptitude being used by a supermajority of the state legislatures, political parties, and public interest groups of both political parties.

A fully transparent and open process is required to produce boundaries worthy of a democratic process. For example, Oakland’s Low-Income Communities Look to Gain Electoral Power Through Redistricting: Anyone can propose a map by using this Maptitude software application for Oakland redistricting: . We would love to give a more balanced view of the redistricting process versus the national coverage received here:

Mapping Data: Microsoft MapPoint Outdated

Discussion Piece:
There has been a great deal of press on Microsoft recently with its acquisition of NOKIA, while also becoming a strategic licensee of the HERE/NAVTEQ mapping data. However, the flagship Microsoft mapping product, MapPoint, continues to provide pre-2010 Census data, while Maptitude includes the latest annual updates to nationwide demographics from the Census and ACS.

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Map Infographics:

Maptitude Featured Maps
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Mapping in Business

Since 1995 Maptitude has been helping businesses of all sizes cost-effectively realize the benefits of location-based analysis normally limited to large corporations. Maptitude provides a way to extend the capabilities of all business analysts. With a focus on usability, Maptitude has consistently been labeled as the easiest-to-use professional mapping software (read reviews here.)

Caliper Maptitude mapping software review

Maptitude drive-time mapping example

Mapping in Politics & Government

Talking Points:
Maptitude has influenced the lives of every citizen of the United States and supports the bedrock of our democracy through a broad range of programs that encompass elections, community services, infrastructure, and business planning. The versatility of the software has saved taxpayer dollars and continues to improve the operational efficiency of the country.

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Maptitude mapping in politics and government