2020 USA Census Demographic Data and 2020 Census Tracts

The Nationwide 2020 Data includes Census 2020 data for Census Tracts, which can be aggregated to higher levels such as County and State.

2020 Census Demographic Data Fields:
Urban Population
Rural Population

Other Race
1 Race
2+ Races
AP White
AP Black
AP AmIndian
AP Asian
AP Hawaiian
AP Other Race

Hispanic Origin
Not Hispanic
Hisp_Other Race
Hisp_2+ Races
NH_Other Race
NH_2+ Races
Races Tallied
Hispanic Tallied
Not Hispanic Tallied
NH_AP White
NH_AP Black
NH_AP AmIndian
NH_AP Asian
NH_AP Hawaiian
NH_AP Other Race
Hisp_AP White
Hisp_AP Black
Hisp_AP AmIndian
Hisp_AP Asian
Hisp_AP Hawaiian
Hisp_AP Other Race

18+_Other Race
18+_1 Race
18+_2+ Races


Median Age
Male Median Age
Female Median Age
Male <5
Male 5 to 9
Male 10 to 14
Male 15 to 17
Male 18 to 19
Male 20
Male 21
Male 22 to 24
Male 25 to 29
Male 30 to 34
Male 35 to 39
Male 40 to 44
Male 45 to 49
Male 50 to 54
Male 55 to 59
Male 60 to 61
Male 62 to 64
Male 65 to 66
Male 67 to 69
Male 70 to 74
Male 75 to 79
Male 80 to 84
Male 85+
Female <5
Female 5 to 9
Female 10 to 14
Female 15 to 17
Female 18 to 19
Female 20
Female 21
Female 22 to 24
Female 25 to 29
Female 30 to 34
Female 35 to 39
Female 40 to 44
Female 45 to 49
Female 50 to 54
Female 55 to 59
Female 60 to 61
Female 62 to 64
Female 65 to 66
Female 67 to 69
Female 70 to 74
Female 75 to 79
Female 80 to 84
Female 85+
Male <1
Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Male 5
Male 6
Male 7
Male 8
Male 9
Male 10
Male 11
Male 12
Male 13
Male 14
Male 15
Male 16
Male 17
Male 18
Male 19
Male 22
Male 23
Male 24
Male 25
Male 26
Male 27
Male 28
Male 29
Male 30
Male 31
Male 32
Male 33
Male 34
Male 35
Male 36
Male 37
Male 38
Male 39
Male 40
Male 41
Male 42
Male 43
Male 44
Male 45
Male 46
Male 47
Male 48
Male 49
Male 50
Male 51
Male 52
Male 53
Male 54
Male 55
Male 56
Male 57
Male 58
Male 59
Male 60
Male 61
Male 62
Male 63
Male 64
Male 65
Male 66
Male 67
Male 68
Male 69
Male 70
Male 71
Male 72
Male 73
Male 74
Male 75
Male 76
Male 77
Male 78
Male 79
Male 80
Male 81
Male 82
Male 83
Male 84
Male 85
Male 86
Male 87
Male 88
Male 89
Male 90
Male 91
Male 92
Male 93
Male 94
Male 95
Male 96
Male 97
Male 98
Male 99
Male 100 to 104
Male 105 to 109
Male 100+
Female <1
Female 1
Female 2
Female 3
Female 4
Female 5
Female 6
Female 7
Female 8
Female 9
Female 10
Female 11
Female 12
Female 13
Female 14
Female 15
Female 16
Female 17
Female 18
Female 19
Female 22
Female 23
Female 24
Female 25
Female 26
Female 27
Female 28
Female 29
Female 30
Female 31
Female 32
Female 33
Female 34
Female 35
Female 36
Female 37
Female 38
Female 39
Female 40
Female 41
Female 42
Female 43
Female 44
Female 45
Female 46
Female 47
Female 48
Female 49
Female 50
Female 51
Female 52
Female 53
Female 54
Female 55
Female 56
Female 57
Female 58
Female 59
Female 60
Female 61
Female 62
Female 63
Female 64
Female 65
Female 66
Female 67
Female 68
Female 69
Female 70
Female 71
Female 72
Female 73
Female 74
Female 75
Female 76
Female 77
Female 78
Female 79
Female 80
Female 81
Female 82
Female 83
Female 84
Female 85
Female 86
Female 87
Female 88
Female 89
Female 90
Female 91
Female 92
Female 93
Female 94
Female 95
Female 96
Female 97
Female 98
Female 99
Female 100 to 104
Female 105 to 109
Female 100+
Family households
Family HH_Married-couple
Family HH_Other
Family HH_Male HHer
Family HH_Female HHer
Nonfamily households

NonFam HH_HHer living alone
NonFam HH_HHer not living alone
Family HH_HHer 15 to 24
Family HH_HHer 25 to 34
Family HH_HHer 35 to 44
Family HH_HHer 45 to 54
Family HH_HHer 55 to 59
Family HH_HHer 60 to 64
Family HH_HHer 65 to 74
Family HH_HHer 75 to 84
Family HH_HHer 85+
NonFam HH_HHer 15 to 24
NonFam HH_HHer 25 to 34
NonFam HH_HHer 35 to 44
NonFam HH_HHer 45 to 54
NonFam HH_HHer 55 to 59
NonFam HH_HHer 60 to 64
NonFam HH_HHer 65 to 74
NonFam HH_HHer 75 to 84
NonFam HH_HHer 85+
NonFam HH_Male HHer
NonFam HH_Male HHer_liv alone
NonFam HH_M HHer_liv alone_15-64
NonFam HH_M HHer_liv alone_65+
NonFam HH_Male HHer_not alone
NonFam HH_M HHer_not alone_15-64
NonFam HH_M HHer_not alone_65+
NonFam HH_Female HHer
NonFam HH_Female HHer_liv alone
NonFam HH_F HHer_liv alone_15-64
NonFam HH_F HHer_liv alone_65+
NonFam HH_Female HHer_not alone
NonFam HH_F HHer_not alone_15-64
NonFam HH_F HHer_not alone_65+
Wht HHer_Households
Wht HHer_Family HH
Wht HHer_Family HH_Married
Wht HHer_Family HH_Other
Wht HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Wht HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Wht HHer_NonFam HH
Wht HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Wht HHer_NonFam HH not alone
Blk HHer_Households
Blk HHer_Family HH
Blk HHer_Family HH_Married
Blk HHer_Family HH_Other
Blk HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Blk HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Blk HHer_NonFam HH
Blk HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Blk HHer_NonFam HH not alone
AmI HHer_Households
AmI HHer_Family HH
AmI HHer_Family HH_Married
AmI HHer_Family HH_Other
AmI HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
AmI HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
AmI HHer_NonFam HH
AmI HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
AmI HHer_NonFam HH not alone
Asn HHer_Households
Asn HHer_Family HH
Asn HHer_Family HH_Married
Asn HHer_Family HH_Other
Asn HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Asn HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Asn HHer_NonFam HH
Asn HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Asn HHer_NonFam HH not alone
Hwn HHer_Households
Hwn HHer_Family HH
Hwn HHer_Family HH_Married
Hwn HHer_Family HH_Other
Hwn HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Hwn HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH not alone
Oth HHer_Households
Oth HHer_Family HH
Oth HHer_Family HH_Married
Oth HHer_Family HH_Other
Oth HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Oth HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Oth HHer_NonFam HH
Oth HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Oth HHer_NonFam HH not alone
2+Race HHer_Households
2+Race HHer_Family HH
2+Race HHer_Family HH_Married
2+Race HHer_Family HH_Other
2+Race HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
2+Race HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
2+Race HHer_NonFam HH
2+Race HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
2+Race HHer_NonFam HH not alone
Hisp HHer_Households
Hisp HHer_Family HH
Hisp HHer_Family HH_Married
Hisp HHer_Family HH_Other
Hisp HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
Hisp HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
Hisp HHer_NonFam HH
Hisp HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
Hisp HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_Wht HHer_Households
NH_Wht HHer_Family HH
NH_Wht HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_Wht HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_Wht HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_Wht HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_Wht HHer_NonFam HH
NH_Wht HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_Wht HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_Blk HHer_Households
NH_Blk HHer_Family HH
NH_Blk HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_Blk HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_Blk HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_Blk HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_Blk HHer_NonFam HH
NH_Blk HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_Blk HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_AmI HHer_Households
NH_AmI HHer_Family HH
NH_AmI HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_AmI HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_AmI HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_AmI HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_AmI HHer_NonFam HH
NH_AmI HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_AmI HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_Asn HHer_Households
NH_Asn HHer_Family HH
NH_Asn HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_Asn HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_Asn HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_Asn HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_Asn HHer_NonFam HH
NH_Asn HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_Asn HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_Hwn HHer_Households
NH_Hwn HHer_Family HH
NH_Hwn HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_Hwn HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_Hwn HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_Hwn HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_Hwn HHer_NonFam HH
NH_Hwn HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_Hwn HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_Oth HHer_Households
NH_Oth HHer_Family HH
NH_Oth HHer_Family HH_Married
NH_Oth HHer_Family HH_Other
NH_Oth HHer_Family HH_Male HHer
NH_Oth HHer_Family HH_Female HHer
NH_Oth HHer_NonFam HH
NH_Oth HHer_NonFam HH liv alone
NH_Oth HHer_NonFam HH not alone
NH_2+Race HHer_Households
Hisp_Wht HHer_Households
Hisp_Blk HHer_Households
Hisp_AmI HHer_Households
Hisp_Asn HHer_Households
Hisp_Hwn HHer_Households
Hisp_Oth+ HHer_Households
Hisp_2+Race HHer_Households
Population in households
Male HHer
Male HHer living alone
Male HHer not living alone
Female HHer
Female HHer living alone
Female HHer not living alone
In HH_Opposite Sex Spouse
In HH_ Same Sex Spouse
In HH_ Opposite Sex Partner
In HH_ Same Sex Partner
In HH_ Biological Child
In HH_ Biological Child <18
In HH_ Adopted Child
In HH_ Adopted Child <18
In HH_ Stepchild
In HH_ Stepchild <18
In HH_ Grandchild
In HH_ Grandchild <18
In HH_ Sibling
In HH_ Parent
In HH_ Parent-in-law
In HH_ Child-in-law
In HH_ Other Relatives
In HH_ Foster Child
In HH_ Other Nonrelatives
HH_Male HHer
HH_Male HHer living alone
HH_Male HHer living alone_65+
HH_Male HHer own Child <18
HH_Male HHer no Child <18
HH_Male HHer no relatives
HH_Female HHer
HH_Female HHer living alone
HH_Female HHer living alone_65+
HH_Female HHer own Child <18
HH_Female HHer no Child <18
HH_Female HHer no relatives

People in group quarters
InGrp_Male <18
InGrp_Male <18 Institutional
InGrp_Male <18 Correctional
InGrp_Male <18 Fed detention
InGrp_Male <18 Federal prison
InGrp_Male <18 State prison
InGrp_Male <18 Local jail
InGrp_Male <18 Corr resid fac
InGrp_Male <18 Mil detention
InGrp_Male <18 Juvenile
InGrp_Male <18 Juv group home
InGrp_Male <18 Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Male <18 Juv corr fac
InGrp_Male <18 Nursing
InGrp_Male <18 Other Inst
InGrp_Male <18 Psychiatric
InGrp_Male <18 Hosp homeless
InGrp_Male <18 Hospice
InGrp_Male <18 Mil treatment
InGrp_Male <18 Disabled resid
InGrp_Male <18 Noninstitutional
InGrp_Male <18 College
InGrp_Male <18 Military
InGrp_Male <18 Mil barracks
InGrp_Male <18 Mil ships
InGrp_Male <18 Other Noninst
InGrp_Male <18 Temp shelter
InGrp_Male <18 Group home
InGrp_Male <18 Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Male <18 Merch vessels
InGrp_Male <18 Workers qrters
InGrp_Male <18 Remaining Oth
InGrp_Male 18-64
InGrp_Male 18-64 Institutional
InGrp_Male 18-64 Correctional
InGrp_Male 18-64 Fed detention
InGrp_Male 18-64 Federal prison
InGrp_Male 18-64 State prison
InGrp_Male 18-64 Local jail
InGrp_Male 18-64 Corr resid fac
InGrp_Male 18-64 Mil detention
InGrp_Male 18-64 Juvenile
InGrp_Male 18-64 Juv group home
InGrp_Male 18-64 Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Male 18-64 Juv corr fac
InGrp_Male 18-64 Nursing
InGrp_Male 18-64 Other Inst
InGrp_Male 18-64 Psychiatric
InGrp_Male 18-64 Hosp homeless
InGrp_Male 18-64 Hospice
InGrp_Male 18-64 Mil treatment
InGrp_Male 18-64 Disabled resid
InGrp_Male 18-64 Noninstitutional
InGrp_Male 18-64 College
InGrp_Male 18-64 Military
InGrp_Male 18-64 Mil barracks
InGrp_Male 18-64 Mil ships
InGrp_Male 18-64 Other Noninst
InGrp_Male 18-64 Temp shelter
InGrp_Male 18-64 Group home
InGrp_Male 18-64 Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Male 18-64 Merch vessels
InGrp_Male 18-64 Workers qrters
InGrp_Male 18-64 Remaining Oth
InGrp_Male 65+
InGrp_Male 65+ Institutional
InGrp_Male 65+ Correctional
InGrp_Male 65+ Fed detention
InGrp_Male 65+ Federal prison
InGrp_Male 65+ State prison
InGrp_Male 65+ Local jail
InGrp_Male 65+ Corr resid fac
InGrp_Male 65+ Mil detention
InGrp_Male 65+ Juvenile
InGrp_Male 65+ Juv group home
InGrp_Male 65+ Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Male 65+ Juv corr fac
InGrp_Male 65+ Nursing
InGrp_Male 65+ Other Inst
InGrp_Male 65+ Psychiatric
InGrp_Male 65+ Hosp homeless
InGrp_Male 65+ Hospice
InGrp_Male 65+ Mil treatment
InGrp_Male 65+ Disabled resid
InGrp_Male 65+ Noninstitutional
InGrp_Male 65+ College
InGrp_Male 65+ Military
InGrp_Male 65+ Mil barracks
InGrp_Male 65+ Mil ships
InGrp_Male 65+ Other Noninst
InGrp_Male 65+ Temp shelter
InGrp_Male 65+ Group home
InGrp_Male 65+ Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Male 65+ Merch vessels
InGrp_Male 65+ Workers qrters
InGrp_Male 65+ Remaining Oth
InGrp_Female <18
InGrp_Female <18 Institutional
InGrp_Female <18 Correctional
InGrp_Female <18 Fed detention
InGrp_Female <18 Federal prison
InGrp_Female <18 State prison
InGrp_Female <18 Local jail
InGrp_Female <18 Corr resid fac
InGrp_Female <18 Mil detention
InGrp_Female <18 Juvenile
InGrp_Female <18 Juv group home
InGrp_Female <18 Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Female <18 Juv corr fac
InGrp_Female <18 Nursing
InGrp_Female <18 Other Inst
InGrp_Female <18 Psychiatric
InGrp_Female <18 Hosp homeless
InGrp_Female <18 Hospice
InGrp_Female <18 Mil treatment
InGrp_Female <18 Disabled resid
InGrp_Female <18 Noninstitutional
InGrp_Female <18 College
InGrp_Female <18 Military
InGrp_Female <18 Mil barracks
InGrp_Female <18 Mil ships
InGrp_Female <18 Other Noninst
InGrp_Female <18 Temp shelter
InGrp_Female <18 Group home
InGrp_Female <18 Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Female <18 Merch vessels
InGrp_Female <18 Workers qrters
InGrp_Female <18 Remaining Oth
InGrp_Female 18-64
InGrp_Female 18-64 Institutional
InGrp_Female 18-64 Correctional
InGrp_Female 18-64 Fed detention
InGrp_Female 18-64 Federal prison
InGrp_Female 18-64 State prison
InGrp_Female 18-64 Local jail
InGrp_Female 18-64 Corr resid fac
InGrp_Female 18-64 Mil detention
InGrp_Female 18-64 Juvenile
InGrp_Female 18-64 Juv group home
InGrp_Female 18-64 Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Female 18-64 Juv corr fac
InGrp_Female 18-64 Nursing
InGrp_Female 18-64 Other Inst
InGrp_Female 18-64 Psychiatric
InGrp_Female 18-64 Hosp homeless
InGrp_Female 18-64 Hospice
InGrp_Female 18-64 Mil treatment
InGrp_Female 18-64 Disabled resid
InGrp_Female 18-64 Noninstitution
InGrp_Female 18-64 College
InGrp_Female 18-64 Military
InGrp_Female 18-64 Mil barracks
InGrp_Female 18-64 Mil ships
InGrp_Female 18-64 Other Noninst
InGrp_Female 18-64 Temp shelter
InGrp_Female 18-64 Group home
InGrp_Female 18-64 Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Female 18-64 Merch vessels
InGrp_Female 18-64 Workers qrters
InGrp_Female 18-64 Remaining Oth
InGrp_Female 65+
InGrp_Female 65+ Institutional
InGrp_Female 65+ Correctional
InGrp_Female 65+ Fed detention
InGrp_Female 65+ Federal prison
InGrp_Female 65+ State prison
InGrp_Female 65+ Local jail
InGrp_Female 65+ Corr resid fac
InGrp_Female 65+ Mil detention
InGrp_Female 65+ Juvenile
InGrp_Female 65+ Juv group home
InGrp_Female 65+ Juv resid trtm
InGrp_Female 65+ Juv corr fac
InGrp_Female 65+ Nursing
InGrp_Female 65+ Other Inst
InGrp_Female 65+ Psychiatric
InGrp_Female 65+ Hosp homeless
InGrp_Female 65+ Hospice
InGrp_Female 65+ Mil treatment
InGrp_Female 65+ Disabled resid
InGrp_Female 65+ Noninstitutional
InGrp_Female 65+ College
InGrp_Female 65+ Military
InGrp_Female 65+ Mil barracks
InGrp_Female 65+ Mil ships
InGrp_Female 65+ Other Noninst
InGrp_Female 65+ Temp shelter
InGrp_Female 65+ Group home
InGrp_Female 65+ Resid treatmnt
InGrp_Female 65+ Merch vessels
InGrp_Female 65+ Workers qrters
InGrp_Female 65+ Remaining Oth

HH with Persons Age 60+
HH w/ 60+_Family HH
HH w/ 60+_Family HH_Married
HH w/ 60+_Family HH_Other
HH w/ 60+_Family HH__Male HHer
HH w/ 60+_Family HH__Female HHer
HH w/ 60+_Nonfamily HH
HH without Persons Age 60+
HH w/o 60+_Family HH
HH w/o 60+_Family HH_Married
HH w/o 60+_Family HH_Other
HH w/o 60+_Family HH__Male HHer
HH w/o 60+_Family HH__Female HHer
HH w/o 60+_Nonfamily HH
HH w/ 60+_1 Person
HH w/ 60+_2+ Person
HH w/ 60+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/ 60+_2+ Person_Nonfamily
HH w/o 60+_1 Person
HH w/o 60+_2+ Person
HH w/o 60+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/o 60+_2+ Person_Nonfamily
HH with Persons Age 65+
HH w/ 65+_1 Person
HH w/ 65+_2+ Person
HH w/ 65+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/ 65+_2+ Person_Nonfamily
HH without Persons Age 65+
HH w/o 65+_1 Person
HH w/o 65+_2+ Person
HH w/o 65+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/o 65+_2+ Person_Nonfamily
HH with Persons Age 75+
HH w/ 75+_1 Person
HH w/ 75+_2+ Person
HH w/ 75+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/ 75+_2+ Person_Nonfamily
HH without Persons Age 75+
HH w/o 75+_1 Person
HH w/o 75+_2+ Person
HH w/o 75+_2+ Person_Family
HH w/o 75+_2+ Person_Nonfamily

Married Couple Households
Married Couple HH own Child <18
Married Couple HH no Child <18
Cohabitating Couple Households
Cohabitating HH own Child <18
Cohabitating HH no Child <18
Married Couple HH_Opposite-sex
Married Couple HH_Same-sex
Married Couple HH_Same-sex_Male
Married Couple HH_Same-sex_Female
Cohabitating HH_Opposite-sex
Cohabitating HH_Same-sex
Cohabitating HH_Same-sex_Male
Cohabitating HH_Same-sex_Female

Uncoupled Households
HH with Persons Age <18
HH w/ <18_Family
HH w/ <18_Nonfamily
HH without Persons Age <18
HH w/o <18_Family
HH w/o <18_Nonfamily
HH with 3+ Generations
HH without 3+ Generations
Family HH_2 Person
Family HH_3 Person
Family HH_4 Person
Family HH_5 Person
Family HH_6 Person
Family HH_7+ Person
NonFam HH_1 Person
NonFam HH_2 Person
NonFam HH_3 Person
NonFam HH_4 Person
NonFam HH_5 Person
NonFam HH_6 Person
NonFam HH_7+ Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_2 Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_3 Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_4 Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_5 Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_6 Person
Wht HHer_Family HH_7+ Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_1 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_2 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_3 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_4 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_5 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_6 Person
Wht HHer_NonFam HH_7+ Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_2 Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_3 Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_4 Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_5 Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_6 Person
Blk HHer_Family HH_7+ Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_1 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_2 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_3 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_4 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_5 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_6 Person
Blk HHer_NonFam HH_7+ Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_2 Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_3 Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_4 Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_5 Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_6 Person
AmI HHer_Family HH_7+ Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_1 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_2 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_3 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_4 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_5 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_6 Person
AmI HHer_NonFam HH_7+ Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_2 Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_3 Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_4 Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_5 Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_6 Person
Asn HHer_Family HH_7+ Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_1 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_2 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_3 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_4 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_5 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_6 Person
Asn HHer_NonFam HH_7+ Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_2 Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_3 Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_4 Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_5 Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_6 Person
Hwn HHer_Family HH_7+ Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_1 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_2 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_3 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_4 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_5 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_6 Person
Hwn HHer_NonFam HH_7+ Person

Housing Units
Occ HU_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Unmorgaged
Occ HU_Renter
Occ HU_Wht HHer
Occ HU_Wht HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Wht HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Wht HHer_Renter
Occ HU_Blk HHer
Occ HU_Blk HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Blk HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Blk HHer_Renter
Occ HU_AmI HHer
Occ HU_AmI HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_AmI HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_AmI HHer_Renter
Occ HU_Asn HHer
Occ HU_Asn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Asn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Asn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_Hwn HHer
Occ HU_Hwn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Hwn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Hwn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_Oth HHer
Occ HU_Oth HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Oth HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Oth HHer_Renter
Occ HU_2+Race HHer
Occ HU_2+Race HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_2+Race HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_2+Race HHer_Renter
Occ HU_Hisp HHer
Occ HU_Hisp HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_Hisp HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_Hisp HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_Wht HHer
Occ HU_NH_Wht HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Wht HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Wht HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_Blk HHer
Occ HU_NH_Blk HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Blk HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Blk HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_AmI HHer
Occ HU_NH_AmI HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_AmI HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_AmI HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_Asn HHer
Occ HU_NH_Asn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Asn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Asn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_Hwn HHer
Occ HU_NH_Hwn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Hwn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Hwn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_Oth HHer
Occ HU_NH_Oth HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Oth HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_Oth HHer_Renter
Occ HU_NH_2+Race HHer
Occ HU_NH_2+Race HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_NH_2+Race HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_NH_2+Race HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_Wht HHer
Occ HU_H_Wht HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_Wht HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_Wht HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_Blk HHer
Occ HU_H_Blk HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_Blk HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_Blk HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_AmI HHer
Occ HU_H_AmI HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_AmI HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_AmI HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_Asn HHer
Occ HU_H_Asn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_Asn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_Asn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_Hwn HHer
Occ HU_H_Hwn HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_Hwn HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_Hwn HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_Oth HHer
Occ HU_H_Oth HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_Oth HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_Oth HHer_Renter
Occ HU_H_2+Race HHer
Occ HU_H_2+Race HHer_Mortgaged
Occ HU_H_2+Race HHer_Unmortgaged
Occ HU_H_2+Race HHer_Renter
Vac HU_For Rent
Vac HU_Rented
Vac HU_For Sale
Vac HU_Sold
Vac HU_Seasonal
Vac HU_Migrant Workers
Vac HU_Other
Occ HU_1 Person
Occ HU_2 Person
Occ HU_3 Person
Occ HU_4 Person
Occ HU_5 Person
Occ HU_6 Person
Occ HU_7+ Person
Owner occupied
OwnOccHU_Wht HHer
OwnOccHU_Blk HHer
OwnOccHU_AmI HHer
OwnOccHU_Asn HHer
OwnOccHU_Hwn HHer
OwnOccHU_Oth HHer
OwnOccHU_2+Race HHer
Renter occupied
RentOccHU_Wht HHer
RentOccHU_Blk HHer
RentOccHU_AmI HHer
RentOccHU_Asn HHer
RentOccHU_Hwn HHer
RentOccHU_Oth HHer
RentOccHU_2+Race HHer
OwnOccHU_1 Person
OwnOccHU_2 Person
OwnOccHU_3 Person
OwnOccHU_4 Person
OwnOccHU_5 Person
OwnOccHU_6 Person
OwnOccHU_7+ Person
RentOccHU_1 Person
RentOccHU_2 Person
RentOccHU_3 Person
RentOccHU_4 Person
RentOccHU_5 Person
RentOccHU_6 Person
RentOccHU_7+ Person
OwnOccHU_HHer 15-24
OwnOccHU_HHer 25-34
OwnOccHU_HHer 35-44
OwnOccHU_HHer 45-54
OwnOccHU_HHer 55-59
OwnOccHU_HHer 60-64
OwnOccHU_HHer 65-74
OwnOccHU_HHer 75-84
OwnOccHU_HHer 85+
RentOccHU_HHer 15-24
RentOccHU_HHer 25-34
RentOccHU_HHer 35-44
RentOccHU_HHer 45-54
RentOccHU_HHer 55-59
RentOccHU_HHer 60-64
RentOccHU_HHer 65-74
RentOccHU_HHer 75-84
RentOccHU_HHer 85+
OwnOccHU_Child <18
OwnOccHU_Child <6 only
OwnOccHU_Child <6 and 6-17
OwnOccHU_Child 6-17 only
OwnOccHU_No Child <18
RentOccHU_Child <18
RentOccHU_Child <6 only
RentOccHU_Child <6 and 6-17
RentOccHU_Child 6-17 only
RentOccHU_No Child <18

About the Data:

  • The 2020 Census Demographic Data Fields are derived from the 2020 Demographic and Housing Characteristics (DHC) File.
  • The DHC data are the results of the decadal national census. The annual ACS survey also collects data on the same demographic characteristics. However, the ACS is based on a sample rather than a full decadal enumeration of the population. The latest ACS data is included with Maptitude.
  • The DHC is released by the Census Bureau and includes demographic and housing characteristics down to the Census Block level. This file replaces the Summary File 1 previously released by the Census Bureau.

Available File Formats:

Available for other applications. Contact us to request the data in other GIS file formats (e.g., shapefile, KML, KMZ, GeoJSON).

Price: $995/Nationwide Single User License*

To Order: Contact Caliper Sales