Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Data Loan Application Register (LAR) Raw Data

The HMDA Loan Application Register Raw data contain complete nationwide records for a single year for all of the loan applications processed by every financial institution required to file by HMDA.

Available File Formats:

The data are available in Caliper data formats for use with Maptitude and other file formats. To learn more or to order, please contact a Caliper data expert today by emailing sales@caliper.com or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700.

Price: $995 (per year)

Data Fields Included:

Tract, MSA/MD
Respondent ID
Agency Code
Loan Type
Property Type
Loan Purpose
Loan Amount
Action Type
Applicant Ethnicity
Co Applicant Ethnicity
Applicant Race 1
Applicant Race 2
Applicant Race 3
Applicant Race 4
Applicant Race 5
Co Applicant Race 1
Co Applicant Race 2
Co Applicant Race 3
Co Applicant Race 4
Co Applicant Race 5
Applicant Sex
Co Applicant Sex
Applicant Income
Purchaser Type
Denial Reason 1
Denial Reason 2
Denial Reason 3
Rate Spread
HOEPA Status
Lien Status
Edit Status
Sequence Number
Application Date