U.S. Housing Data

Caliper offers housing data that have been compiled from the Census and the American Community Survey. A complete list of the available housing fields is below.

Levels of Detail Available:

Housing data are available at the following geographic levels: States*, Counties*, MSAs*, Census Tracts*, Census Block Groups, ZIP Codes*, Congressional Districts.

Available File Formats:

The data are available in Caliper data formats and other file formats. To learn more or to order, please contact a Caliper data expert today by emailing sales@caliper.com or by calling us at +1 617-527-4700.

Price: Included with Maptitude* (Contact Caliper to ask about other file formats)

Data Fields Included:

Number of Households
Number of Family Households
Number of Family Households w/ Husband/Wife
Number of Family Households Male Householder
Number of Family Households Female Householder
Number fo Non-Family Households
Number Living Alone
Number of Households with People Under Age 18
Number of Households with People Age 65+
Average Houshold Size
Average Owner-Occupied Household Size
Average Renter-Occupied Household Size
Average Family Size
People in Households
People in Family Households
People in Family Households by Type (Householder, Spouse, Child, Other Relative, Non-Relative)
People in Non-Family Households
People in Group Quarters

Housing Units
Number of Housing Units
Number of Occupied Housing Units
Number of Vacant Housing Units
Number of Seasonally Occupied Housing Units
Number of Renter-Occupied Housing Units
Number fo Owner-Occupied Housing Units
Homeowner vacancy rate
Rental vacancy rate
Number Moved In: 2005 or later
Number Moved In: 2000 to 2004
Number Moved In: 1990 to 1999
Number Moved In: 1980 to 1989
Number Moved In: 1970 to 1979
Number Moved In: 1969 or earlier
 Number of Single Detached Units
 Number of Single Attached Units
Number of Duplex Units
Number of 3-4 Units
Number of 5-9 Units
Number of 10-19 Units
Number of 20+ Units
Number of Mobile Home Units
Number of Boat/RV/Van Units
 Number of Units Built 2005+
Number of Units Built 2000 to 2004
Number of Units Built 1990 to 1999
Number of Units Built 1980 to 1989
Number of Units Built 1970 to 1979
Number of Units Built 1960 to 1969
Number of Units Built 1950 to 1959
Number of Units Built 1940 to 1949
Number of Units Built 1939 or earlier
Number of 1 Room Units
Number of 2 Room Units
Number of 3 Room Units
Number of 4 Room Units
Number of 5 Room Units
Number of 6 Room Units
Number of 7 Room Units
Number of 8 Room Units
Number of 9+ Room Units
Median Number of Rooms
Number of 0 Bedroom Units
Number of 1 Bedroom Units
Number of 2 Bedroom Units
Number of 3 Bedroom Units
Number of 4 Bedroom Units
Number of 5+ Bedroom Units

Housing Units with No Vehicles
Housing Units with 1 Vehicle
Housing Units with 2 Vehicles
Housing Units with 3+ Vehicles

Housing Units Heated by Gas
Housing Units Heated by Bottled/Tank/LP Gas
Housing Units Heated by Electrictiy
Housing Units Heated by Fuel Oil/Kerosene
Housing Units Heated by Coal/Coke
Housing Units Heated by Wood
Housing Units Heated by Solar
Housing Units Heated by Other
Housing Units with No Fuel Used
Housing Units Lacking Complete Plumbing†
Owner-Occupied Lacking Complete Plumbing††
Renter-Occupied Lacking Complete Plumbing††
Housing Units Lacking Complete Kitchen†

Occupants/room 1 or less
Occupants/room 1.01-1.5
Occupants/room 1.5+

Number of Owner-Occupied Units:
  Value <$50K
  Value $50K-99,999
  Value $100K-149,999
  Value $150K-199,999
  Value $200K-299,999
  Value $300K-499,999
  Value $500K-999,999
  Value $1,000,000+
  Value <$10K††
  Value $10K‐14,999†† 
  Value $15K‐19,999†† 
  Value $20K‐24,999††
  Value $25K‐29,999†† 
  Value $30K‐34,999†† 
  Value $35K‐39,999†† 
  Value $40K‐49,999†† 
  Value $50K‐59,999†† 
  Value $60K‐69,999†† 
  Value $70K‐79,999†† 
  Value $80K‐89,999†† 
  Value $90K‐99,999†† 
  Value $100K‐124,999†† 
  Value $125K‐149,999†† 
  Value $150K‐174,999†† 
  Value $175K‐199,999†† 
  Value $200K‐249,999†† 
  Value $250K‐299,999†† 
  Value $300K‐399,999†† 
  Value $400K‐499,999†† 
  Value $500K‐749,999†† 
  Value $750K‐999,999††
Median Owner-Occupied Unit Value
Housing units w/mortgage Monthly Costs:
Median Mortgaged Housing Unit Monthly Costs
Housing units w/o mortgage Monthly Costs:
Median Non-Mortgaged Housing Unit Monthly Costs
Mortgaged Housing Units Costs as % of Income:
  Not computed
Non-Mortgaged Housing Units Costs as % of Income:
  Not computed
Number of Occupied Rental Units:
  No Monthly Rent
  Monthly Rent <$200
  Monthly Rent $200-299
  Monthly Rent $300-499
  Monthly Rent $500-749
  Monthly Rent $750-999
  Monthly Rent $1,000-1,499
  Monthly Rent $1500+
Median Monthly Rent
Occupied Units Rent as % of Income
  Not computed

Housing Units by Race by Number of Units††
91 fields describing race (white, black, Native American, Asian, Hawaiian, Other, Multi) by number of units in structure (1 detached, 1 attached, 2, 3-4, 5-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50+, mobile home)

Housing Units by Tenure by Size††
Owner-Occupied 1 unit, detached 
Owner-Occupied 1 unit, attached 
Owner-Occupied 2 units 
Owner-Occupied 3-4 units 
Owner-Occupied 5-9 units 
Owner-Occupied 10-19 units 
Owner-Occupied 20-49 units 
Owner-Occupied 50+ units 
Owner-Occupied Mobile home 
Owner-Occupied Boat/RV/van 
Owner-Occupied 1-4 units 
Owner-Occupied 5+ units 
Renter-Occupied 1 unit, detached 
Renter-Occupied 1 unit, attached 
Renter-Occupied 2 units 
Renter-Occupied 3-4 units 
Renter-Occupied 5-9 units 
Renter-Occupied 10-19 units 
Renter-Occupied 20-49 units 
Renter-Occupied 50+ units 
Renter-Occupied Mobile home 
Renter-Occupied Boat/RV/van 
Renter-Occupied 1-4 units 
Renter-Occupied 5+ units 

† Not available at the ZIP Code level

†† Available only at the Tract Level

*States, Counties, MSAs, Tracts, and ZIP Codes with housing data fields are included with the United States Country Package (FREE with a Maptitude purchase) and with TransCAD. Housing data by Census Block Group and Congressional District are sold separately.

Caliper table of state housing unit dataState housing data in tabular format.

Housing Units by ZIP Code - Caliper map of housing value and tenure data by zip codeHousing Units by ZIP Code: This Maptitude map shows a color theme of housing unit value by ZIP Code and a pie chart theme showing housing tenure by ZIP Code.