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Maptitude for Precinct and Election Management (Maptitude P&E) combines sophisticated software, an easy-to-use interface, and a wide array of customized data to create a complete precinct and election management solution for county and state election offices. Use it alone or in conjunction with your county and statewide voter registration (VR) software.

Help America Vote Act

Some of the ways Maptitude can leverage your HAVA funding:

  • Eliminate errors in your voter file
  • Update your street index file in minutes
  • Educate the public with informative maps
  • Facilitate election day activities
  • Enhance the political process
  • Provide targeted language assistance

Precinct & Election Management Key Features:

  • Update precinct boundaries
  • Create precinct maps, map books, and reports 
  • Create street index files for your voter registration software
  • Calculate unique ballot styles and precinct splits; create maps and reports
  • Geocode registered voters and assign them to precincts, districts, ballot styles, etc.
  • Consolidate precincts for each election to conserve resources
  • Interface with most voter registration software and voter files
  • Locate and correct errors in your voter registration files
  • Analyze demographic data and provide targeted language assistance
  • Add new streets to maps

Reprecincting/Redistricting Key Features

  • Create any redistricting plan including precinct, commission, ward, school, water, etc.
  •  Compute control field totals and deviations
  •  Select any number of summary data fields, and compute totals and percents
  • Display the plan statistics in a scrollable window
  • Print standard and user-defined reports
  • Import plans from other GIS formats
  • Export plans to equivalency files
  • Merge sub-plans
  • Verify completeness and district contiguity, and zoom to problem areas
  • Compute measures of compactness
  • Update historical election results to new political boundaries

Reprecincting and Redistricting
Maptitude P&E contains a variety of tools for modifying precinct boundaries. As you select geographic areas (such as census blocks), the software computes the number of registered voters being added to the precinct, along with any other summary fields you have identified. You can automatically create a list of registered voters and street segments where the precinct has changed. (See below for more information on redistricting features.)  

Create Precinct Maps, Map Books, and Reports
The Precinct Map dialog box makes it easy to zoom to any precinct, query information about it, print a map, and print a legal description (metes and bounds report). Create a complete precinct map book using predefined templates. Design and print Precinct-Voter reports that list the number of voters per precinct and any other attributes you wish to include.e Your VR Street Index File in Minutes
Once you have defined your new precinct boundaries, Maptitude P&E can automatically update the street index file required by your voter registration software. You can combine odd and even ranges, account for precinct splits, and print a sorted report.

Enhance Voter Files and Correct Errors
Maptitude P&E can open and enhance voter files from your VR software. Sophisticated geocoding tools result in a very high match rate. Addresses that don't geocode can be "pinned in" using the mouse. The geocoder automatically adds the precinct code and codes for any other layers requested by the user (e.g. census blocks, districts, and ballot styles). Compare the results from Maptitude with data already in the VR file to identify errors. Once all voters have been geocoded, you can update voter and party counts in the block, precinct, district, and ballot style layers, and any other geographic layers you choose. Since this information is added to the original voter file, it is immediately available to the VR software.

Precinct Splits
Maptitude P&E intersects the precinct layer with all relevant district layers (e.g. congressional districts, state legislative districts, county commission districts, school board districts, etc.) to create a layer made up of precinct pieces or splits within which all districts are unique. Each precinct split includes the number of voters and voters by party.

Unique Ballot Styles
Create a geographic layer of unique ballot styles based on any combination of other layers (e.g., congressional districts, state legislative districts, county commission districts, school board districts, etc.). Create a map for each ballot style or a map book for all styles. Print ballot style reports sorted by precinct, ballot style, district IDs, or number of voters in each style. Create Street Index/Ballot Style reports and files.

Consolidated Precincts
Create a consolidated precincts layer that combines precincts that have a common polling place for a particular election. Each consolidated precinct lists the number of voters, voters by party, and any other summary fields you choose such as language and ethnicity. The consolidated precincts report lists the address and phone number of the polling place as well as the precincts that vote there.

Update Streets and Other Geographic Features
Maptitude P&E features full geographic editing. Add, remove, and realign streets, correct street names, address ranges and ZIP codes, split census blocks, add invisible features that define precinct boundaries, and make any other changes to the underlying geographic layers that are required.

P&E Settings Dialog Box
The P&E Settings dialog box lets you customize the way Maptitude P&E works. Use it to identify the precinct map, reprecincting plan, street file, voter file and settings for geocoding, ballot style layers, layouts for precinct and ballot style map books, and other relevant settings.

Built on Maptitude Technology
Maptitude is a full-featured Geographic Information System that has set new standards for performance and value. It provides a complete set of desktop mapping and spatial analysis functions. All Maptitude features are incorporated into Maptitude P&E. You also receive the standard Maptitude nationwide geographic data sets including streets with address information, and states, counties, census tracts, and other census boundaries with hundreds of demographic variables. Features include:

  • Complete GIS and mapping capabilities
  • Native support for ArcView Shapefiles, MapInfo files, Oracle, SQL Server, and most other formats
  • Internet publishing tools
  • MapWizard® automatic mapping technology
  • Map Librarian and Map Locator
  • Page Layouts
  • Map editing and customization
  • Open data access (ODBC)
  • Nationwide address matching and geocoding
  • Feature selection/geographic queries 
  • Geographic analysis
  • Statistics 
  • Importing for all TIGER layers

Easy to Learn and Use
Maptitude P&E includes on-line help and detailed manuals packed with step-by-step instructions and tutorials. Each task has a well-designed dialog box that provides access to all related functions. Wizards help you create maps, display data using meaningful themes, geocode information based on street address, and create precinct and redistricting plans. Caliper Corporation offers hands-on training at your site or at our training facility in Newton, MA.

Works with Most Voter Registration and GIS Software
Maptitude P&E opens voter registration files from most VR software, either directly or using Microsoft Windows ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). The program creates street index files in several formats suitable for import into most VR software. Map ArcView Shape, MapInfo Tab, and Oracle Spatial files without conversion. Export precinct boundaries and redistricting plans (geography and data) to these other formats for use with other GIS software.

Publish Your Precinct Maps and Information on the Internet
Maptitude P&E lets you save your maps, data tables, charts, layouts, and reports as JPEG, PNG, and HTML files for static Web publishing. Caliper Corporation's Maptitude for the WebTM Software makes it easy to publish your maps as interactive mapping applications on the Web. For example, users can locate their address on the map, pan and zoom, display precinct information, and locate their polling place using a browser.

Other Precinct and Election Management and Redistricting Services
Caliper provides consulting services, training, software customization, geocoding, data manipulation, web design, telephone support, and on-site support. For more information, contact Howard Simkowitz, Director, Government Services,

Customized Precinct and Election Management Data CD
Maptitude P&E includes a Precinct and Election Management data CD customized for your jurisdiction with the following geographic data:

  • Streets with address ranges
  • Blocks
  • Block Groups
  • Precincts and Voting Districts (VTDs)
  • Tracts 
  • Counties 
  • MCDs 
  • Places 
  • Indian Reservations
  • Urbanized Areas 
  • All TIGER/Line segments with right & left Census codes
  •  Congressional Districts 
  • State Senate Districts
  • State House Districts
  • Elementary School Districts
  • Unified School Districts
  • ZIP Code Tabulation Areas
  • Landmark Areas
  • Key Geographic Locations
  • Coastal and Inland Water Bodies
  • Water landmarks
  • Detailed demographic data with all P.L. 94-171 fields

Redistricting Features
Maptitude P&E contains all of the features found in Maptitude for Redistricting:

Read a case study by Connie Schmidt, Johnson County (KS) Election Commissioner (PDF)


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