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Maptitude Mapping Software

Free Mapping Software, GIS (Geographic Information System) Map Data, and Map Resources

Mapping Software

Maptitude: Free one-year license of Maptitude Mapping Software for full-time enrolled students

Mapping Software Add-ins

Maptitude Tools, Utilities, and Add-Ins: You can download several add-ins to extend the capabilities of Maptitude  

TransCAD Add-Ins: You can download several add-ins to extend the capabilities of TransCAD

Mapping Software Videos and Learning Materials

GIS Training Videos: Free and detailed training videos that cover most Maptitude tasks

Mapping Software Webinars: Register today for a free Maptitude mapping software live webinar

Redistricting Videos: These video tutorials will teach you how to perform tasks with Maptitude for Redistricting

3D GIS Videos: See how 3D road traffic simulations can be visualized in GIS software for public participation

GIS Learning Resources: Caliper provides several free learning options to assist you in making the most of Maptitude

Map Data Downloads

Download Free Layers Add-In: Provides easy access to no-cost web-based geographic data-sources. This tool downloads detailed data, including streets, boundaries, and postal code points for many countries

Health Data Download: Licensed Maptitude users can download a free health dataset that include hospitals, health clinics, physicians, healthcare proviers, and other healthcare features

U.S. Hexagonal Grid Layer: ZIP file containing a 20-mile hexagonal grid layer that covers the 48 contiguous United States, northern Mexico, and southern Canada (Caliper .CDF format for use with Maptitude and TransCAD)

CTPP Journey-to-Work Download: Access to free origin-destination commuter flow datasets for use with TransCAD and TransModeler

GIS-Transportation Data Downloads: A variety of US Census/ACS and US Government data for use is GIS-Transportation applications

Point of Interest Europe MegaFile Data: June 2010 Europe MegaFile (requires Maptitude and MapPoint Europe to be installed on same device)

Point of Interest North America MegaFile Data: August 2013 North America MegaFile (requires Maptitude and MapPoint North America to be installed on the same device.

Free Maps

Country and World Maps:
Africa Australia Austria
Belgium Brazil Canada
Central America Chile Colombia
China Czech Republic Denmark
Europe Finland France
Germany Greece Japan
Iceland India Ireland
Italy Mexico Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia South America Spain
Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Kingdom United States
U.S. State Maps:
Alabama Alaska Arizona
Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming
U.S. Demographic Maps (by County):
U.S. Health Insurance Coverage U.S. Hispanic Population U.S. Median Age
U.S. Median Income U.S. Population Density  
Australia Maps:
Population Density by Locality: NSW Population Density by Locality: Queensland & NT Population Density by Locality: South Australia
Population Density by Locality: Western Australia Population Density by Locality: Tasmania Population Density by Locality: Victoria
Population Under 20 by Locality: NSW Population Under 20 by Locality: Queensland & NT Population Under 20 by Locality: South Australia
Population Under 20 by Locality: Western Australia Population Under 20 by Locality: Tasmania Population Under 20 by Locality: Victoria
Population Density by Postcode: NSW Population Density by Postcode: Queensland Population Density by Postcode: South Australia
Population Density by Postcode: Victoria Population Density by Postcode: Western Australia Income by Postcode: Northeast Australia
Income by Postcode: Northwest Australia Income by Postcode: Southeast Australia Income by Postcode: Southwest Australia
ACT Postcode Map Adelaide Postcode Map Brisbane Postcode Map
Darwin Postcode Map Hobart Postcode Map Melbourne Postcode Map
Perth Postcode Map Sydney Postcode Map

Web and Mobile Mapping (Transportation)

Census Traffic Data: See the 2010 USA Census Traffic Analysis Districts (TAD) boundaries in this TransCAD for the Web application.

SRPEDD's Signalized Intersections: This page features a map of SRPEDD's Signalized Intersections. Click on a traffic light icon to view level of service (LOS), volume, crash, and delay data as well as general information and aerial images (bird's-eye views) for each of the map's intersections.  

Railroad Route Maps: This application lets you find routes on a nationwide railroad network, and also lets you zoom in to individual grade crossings to see crossings with incidents.  

UK Maps: This application lets you find towns or post code locations, and see demographic data for Great Britain.  

Web and Mobile Mapping

MassStats: is your one-stop source for statistics and data for Massachusetts cities and towns.

Desktop Mapping

TransCAD Transportation Planning Demo: The TransCAD Demo Release is a working version of the TransCAD GIS-T, complete with dozens of sample maps and geographic files for you to work with. Please complete the TransCAD Demo Request form to get the TransCAD Demo software.