Caliper Software Services

Custom Software Development:

Custom Software Development

In addition to our standard software products, Caliper can help you create custom GIS applications to meet your specific needs. Caliper provides comprehensive application development services. We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications and web services for large enterprises and government organizations. More >

Mapping Software Training:


Maptitude training

TransCAD training

TransModeler training

Technical Support:


Maptitude learning resources

Answers to frequently asked Maptitude questions

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Custom Mapping:

Custom Maps

Caliper designers can create custom maps for you from your own data. Your map can be delivered to you as a Maptitude map file for you to use with our Maptitude mapping software, as a high-resolution JPEG or PNG for use in slides and documents, or as a printed map up to 48x36 inches.
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Free Software Add-Ins:


These downloadable add-ins extend the capabilities of Maptitude and TransCAD.

Caliper User Center:

User Center

The Caliper User Center is a place for getting and sharing resources for transportation planning, routing, public transit, logistics, traffic simulation, and other uses of TransCAD and TransModeler.

Caliper Professional Services

Transportation Planning and Logistics:

Caliper has extensive and diverse experience in transportation planning and logistics. We are well-known for skills and services in urban transportation and transit planning. Caliper is one of the leaders in demand forecasting for transportation systems and we have developed models for some of the largest travel markets in the U.S. More >

Market Research & Quantitative Management Consulting:

Caliper Corporation staff have extensive expertise in marketing research, consumer preference analysis, new product assessment, attitude and image measurement, market segmentation, market share forecasting, product pricing, marketing information systems and data base development. More >

Decision Support Systems:

Caliper develops sophisticated decision support systems that exploit geographic information systems technology, operations research and statistical methods, and custom software. These systems have been successfully applied to model business expansion, retail planning, and logistics design and deployment. More >