Can I publish redistricting plans and other maps and data on the Internet or my intranet?

There are three ways you can publish redistricting plans:

Method 1

The simplest way is to choose Redistricting-Plan Utilities-Publish Plan to HTML. Maptitude for Redistricting turns the plan map and Districts dataview into static HTML page that you can publish on your web site.

Method 2

The second way is to export your plan layer to a Google Earth Compressed (.kmz) document. These documents can be shared online and added directly to any Google Earth window on a desktop or mobile device. This method allows viewers to zoom in and out and obtain information on the characteristics you include.

Method 3

The best way is to use the Maptitude for Redistricting Plan Publisher where the user can zoom the map to any location and display the relevant information. Reports for each plan can be included to provide comprehensive information.

The Plan Viewer provides a special user interface that lets you combine a Maptitude for Redistricting plan file with an online map to create a dynamic experience. Once created, Plan Viewer applications can be published on a server to be accessed by users on your organization’s intranet or on the Internet.

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