Maptitude for Redistricting 2020 Release Notes

As we improve the Maptitude for Redistricting software, new “builds” of the software are released with incremental improvements. You can see which build of the software you are using by going to Help>About… from the main toolbar.

If you have Maptitude for Redistricting 2020, you can get the latest version of Maptitude for Redistricting 2020 by going to Help>Check for Updates and clicking on the link:

Below are the release notes for different builds of Maptitude for Redistricting:

Build # Ship Date Release Notes
4715 5/14/2020 Improvements to the Plan Manager including the ability to sort and filter plans, improved layout and ability to resize.
Added the ability to autodetect number of unique districts when importing equivalency file.
Sped up selection of geography while redistricting.
Added ability for user to customize source/target selection styles.
Added a wizard for creating new plans. The wizard places all plan creation options and one place and provideds contextual guidance for each step.
4725 7/31/2020 Made improvements to hierarchical redistricting to improve solution time.
Added ability for users to specify districts name when using autodistrict.
Increased responsiveness in Autodistrict.
4730 9/10/2020 Added Ensemles tool to automatically create thousands of balanced plans from user’s inputs.
Added options to Ensembles tool to report on plans with best metrics.
Included additonal options in Travel Contiguity tool for including walk information and drive time.
4750 10/15/2020 New user guide for 2020.
Improved Plan Manager to put new libraries at the top of the libraries list.
4755 10/19/2020 Improved Autodistricting speed and performance on complex problems.
4760 10/26/2020 Added the ability to choose printer or save to pdf when printing map book.
4765 11/19/2020 Added footer explanation in Measure of Compactness.
Updated redistricting tutorials.
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