How Do Create New Labels for Precincts in My Map?

The United States Census Bureau collects precinct boundaries once a decade that are used for tabulating decennial census results. Maptitude for Redistricting includes these boundaries for your US data region. The Name field in the Voting District (ccVotingDistrict.cdf) layer reflects the names provided to the Census Bureau.

You can customize/modify the precinct names by doing the following:

  1. Choose Redistricting>Close Plan if you have a redistricting plan open.
  2. Click Close in the Plan Manager.
  3. Choose File>Open and browse to the location where your data are located, usually C:\XX Data 20YY Final (where XX is the state abbreviation or County/City name, and YY is the decade).
  4. Change the Files of Type dropdown to Map, Workspace.
  5. Choose the map named Block-Voting District-County and click Open.
  6. Locate the Display Manager (which is on the left side of the window by default) and right-click on the Voting District layer; choose New Dataview.
  7. Choose Dataview>Table>Modify.
  8. Click Add Field.
  9. Enter a field name, make the field type Character, and the field width wide enough to accommodate your label.
  10. Click OK when finished and Yes when prompted.
  11. Scroll to the right in the dataview until you locate your new, blank field. **Note: you can lock the VTD code or Name in place by following these instructions.
  12. Enter the new labels you want to use for each VTD. **Note: data are automatically saved when you click Enter or leave the cell. You do not need to save your edits.**

When you have finished adding values to your new field, you can use that field for labeling.

For additional information please see:

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