How Do I Create a New Plan Based on Previous Geography?

Maptitude for Redistricting makes it easy to transfer plans created on a previous vintage of geography, such as 2010, to a newer vintage such as 2020. The following steps will explain transferring plans from your preliminary data:

  1. Choose Redistricting>Plan Manager to open the Plan Manager.
  2. Click New…
  3. Choose From Previous Geography.
  4. Select the plan from the older vintage geography and click Open.

  5. Click Next>.
  6. Choose Browse… from the Map  drop down and select the map that contains the newer geography (i.e. 2020) Enter Plan Settings as desired and click Next>.
  7. Enter Summary fields as desired and click Next>.
  8. Enter Plan Properties as desird and click Finish.
  9. Enter a plan name and click Save.

Maptitude for Redistricting recreates the previous plan on new geography.

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