How Do I Incorporate ACS Data into My Plans?

The 2020 Census Data is now shipping. See this article for the list of fields included: What Fields Are Included in the 2020 Data?

You can add American Community Survey (ACS) or Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) data into your plans using the Disaggregate/Aggregate Wizard.

  1. Open Maptitude for Redistricting.
  2. Close the Plan Manager.
  3. Choose File>Open.
  4. Change Files of Type to Fixed Format Binary (*.bin) and browse for the data you want to add. In most cases, you will add Block Group data from C:\ACS_CVAP Data 2015-2019\ccBlockGroup.bin.
  5. Open a map containing the layers you want to modify. In most cases, you will open Block-Block Group-Tract-County from C:\XX Data 20YY Final (where XX i is the State abbreviation and YY is the year).
  6. Choose Redistricting>Plan Utilities>Disaggregate/Aggregate…
  7. Click the Table radio button.
  8. Choose ccBlockGroup from the Table drop-down.
  9. Choose BlockGroup from the first Match Field drop-down.
  10. Choose Census Block Group from the Layer drop-down.
  11. Choose BlockGroup from the second Match Field drop-down.
  12. Click Next>.
  13. Click Clear All to clear all fields.
  14. Scroll through the list and check each field you want to include.
  15. Choose the weight by field for each field (this will usually be Population or 18+_Pop when using voting age fields).
  16. Click Next>.
  17. Uncheck any layers for which you do not want data aggregated. You will likely leave all checked.
  18. Click Finish.

Maptitude for Redistricting adds the fields to the Census Block Group layer, disaggregates data to Census Blocks, and aggregates data for all other layers.

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