How to Use Incumbent Information in a Plan

When working on a redistricting plan, it is often desirable to see the incumbent locations. To display them, add this geographic file as a layer in your map. For information on turning a file containing incumbent names, addresses, and other data into a Maptitude for Redistricting point geographic file, see

The Incumbent Report is one of the standard reports included in Maptitude for Redistricting. It lists the incumbents, their current district, their political party, and their district under the new plan. In order to create this report, you must supply Maptitude for Redistricting with the name of the point geographic file containing these data. Incumbent information is also used in the District Statistics Report.

To Change the Political Settings

  1. Choose Redistricting>Settings>Plan Settings to display the Plan Settings dialog box.
  2. Click the Political tab to display the Political page.
  3. Click Choose to open the Choose File dialog box, choose the point geographic file containing the incumbent locations, and click Open.
  4. Choose the fields containing the current district, name, and party of each incumbent from the District, Name, and Party drop-down lists.
  5. Click OK.


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