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When Will I Receive My 2020 Redistricting Data?

As of January 22, 2021, the Census Bureau is releasing 2020 census geography for several states per week. 2020 census geography were delivered to all 50 states will be released by February 12, 2021.
Due to the series of natural disasters and the worldwide pandemic 2020, the Census Bureau has delayed delivery of apportionment numbers to the President of the United States until April 30, 2021.

The legacy format data being provided by Census by August 12, 2021 is the format we have always had to work with. They are moving to a more user-friendly format for the final PL data release for users that are looking at tabular data specifically. Since we attach the PL data to the geography and you never use the data alone, legacy vs. user-friendly is moot.

Aside from the format, we have been told by Census that the content of the PL data will be the same. We plan to process the legacy format PL data and provide it attached to 2020 geography via electronic download at no charge within 5 business days of the original Census Bureau release date of August 16, 2021. Once the user-friendly format is released we will confirm the data contents are unchanged and reissue if needed.

In the interim, we intend to provide interim data that is 2020 geography with disaggregated 2010 PL data attached. We should have that out to you by the end of April.
The Public Law 94-171 data (100% count) will be released by September 30, 2021. Data for all 50 states will be released at one time. 
Caliper is committed to processing the Public Law 94-171 data as promptly as possible and attaching it to the 2020 census geography. We will provide electronic downloads of data that is ready to use in Maptitude for Redistricting within 5 business days of the public release of the PL 94-171 data.
You will find the official press releases announcing the latest release information at: