What Files are Created with A Redistricting Plan

Maptitude for Redistricting creates a number of files for each redistricting plan. While the redistricting plan itself has an extension of .rdf, all related files are required to successfully open the plan. A typical redistricting plan is comprised of 20-26 files. The files are small in size and require very little disk space.

All files have the same base name as the plan. For example, when naming a plan “Plan_1” the associated files are Plan_1.rdp, Plan_1.map, Plan_1.bmp, etc.

File extensions present for all hierarchies

The remaining file extensions are specific to the hierarchy of the plan. For example, if Plan_1 has a Census Block-Block Group-Tract-County hierarchy, the voting district files would not be present.

Block in Hierarchy

Block Group in Hierarchy

Tract in Hierarchy

County in Hierarchy

Voting District in Hierarchy


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