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   August-September 2010

bullet Maptitude Training

bullet Featured Data Product: Quarterly ZIP Codes

bullet TECH TIP -- Showing Points Using Letter or Number Pattern Themes

bullet DID YOU KNOW? -- Mouse Scroll Wheel Map Navigation

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Maptitude Training

Maptitude is the best professional mapping software that you can buy. We designed Maptitude to be easy to learn and use, ensuring that you maximize your mapping software investment. Maptitude has Wizards that guide you step-by-step through standard tasks, and ships with a detailed User's Guide that has more than 75 "60-Second Tutorials" to assist you with specific tasks.

The Maptitude Learning Resources pages contain further aids, including a series of videos that demonstrate the core features of Maptitude. If you are new to Maptitude we recommend that you watch all of the tutorials, because they will introduce you to many Maptitude techniques, tools, and procedures.

Caliper also offers several training options:  

 • Instructor-led classroom training
 • Private Training
 • Web-Based Training

Maptitude Classroom Training:

The next scheduled instructor-led training courses will be October 13-15 in Newton, MA (USA). The cost is $395 per day or $900 for all three days. Advance registration is required.

Space is limited, so register online for either course as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Maptitude Training (USA) at 1-617-527-4700, or send an e-mail to

Tech Tip:
Showing Point Locations Using Letter or Number Pattern Themes

Map of PointsPattern themes allow you to easily create a map showing locations using either an alphabetical letter or a number, with a legend that automatically categorizes such locations by name.

If your data are not already attached to a map:

1. Choose File-New, choose Map from the New File dialog box, and click OK. This brings you to the Create-a-Map Wizard.

2. Choose the Map of my own data option.

3. Browse for the Excel file containing your data. Choose the sheet in the Excel workbook that contains your data and has fields such as Address and ZIP Code. Click OK.

4. Click Next in the Create-a-Map Wizard.

5. Choose the Locate records in your file by Address option and click Next.

6. Choose the No - let Maptitude create one for me option and click Next. Type a file name for your new layer and click Save.

7. Choose None for the theme type and click Next.

8. Choose None for the analysis type and click Next.

9. Click Finish and click OK when prompted. Maptitude creates a map of your data.

Once you have a point layer of your data:

1. Choose Map-Pattern Theme from the menu; choose the Field you want displayed in the legend; choose List of Values as the method, choose a number of classes, and click the Style tab. Click << Previous on the style tab to list the alphabetical class. 

2. Click OK. Each location is represented as a letter in the map, which is also  listed in the legend with the corresponding feature name/identifier.

3. In the Display Manager, click on the plus symbols for Your Data layer to view the Theme styles. You can click on each theme class alphabetic icon and change it to another icon, such as a number.


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