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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Maps communicate information that is related to space and location in a remarkably efficient way, reducing volumes of information to a single, clear visual presentation. A weather map lets you know in an instant whether it will be cloudy or sunny, how warm or cold it will be, and whether it will rain or snow. Traffic maps let you know in seconds what route you should take to avoid an accident or steer clear of construction. In politics, history, advertising, and recreation, maps are a part of our everyday lives because they tell us so much of what we want to know.

To share your own information through the powerful medium of maps, there are several factors that should be considered. These include which custom map tools you require and whether you need high-quality map data. There are many mapping applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS Software) on the market that you can choose between, ranging from:

  • being free to costing tens of thousands of dollars
  • having basic or canned interfaces to customizable open systems
  • being easy to use to requiring expert level experience
  • having no data to providing extensive and integrated commercial grade maps

The more expensive applications typically have professional, but often esoteric, cartographic map production tools. The free applications typically come with zero or limited data, low-quality data, or limited functionality.

The mapping software market is highly competitive but only Maptitude provides:

  • ease-of-use
  • commercial-grade data
  • the ability to customize every element in a map
  • affordable pricing

Maptitude (Maptitude mapping software) has flexible tools for map creation, customization, and map edits, and also supports more sophisticated tools such as enforced topology and adjacent area map coloring.

Maptitude provides the tools, maps, and demographic data that you need, with commands and special functions that let you tie in the data you use every day in your work. The MapWizard® automatic mapping tools create brilliant and informative maps with a single mouse click. Even more importantly, Maptitude provides ways for you to use the maps you create to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your organization or business.

Maptitude provides easy-to-use, professional mapping tools along with detailed USA data and at an affordable price. International versions of Maptitude mapping software are also available and come with demographic databases and geographic boundaries and features for each country .