Entering and Changing Redistricting Plan Settings

Plan settings are entered when creating a redistricting plan. Most plan settings can be changed after a plan has been created. The only exceptions are the base layer and the layer hierarchy.

To Change General Plan Settings

  1. Choose Redistricting>Settings>Plan Settings to display the Plan Settings dialog box.
  2. Make changes as follows:

To do this…

Do this…

Change the control field

Choose a field from the Control Field drop-down list.

Change the districts name

Type the districts name in the Districts Name edit box.

Change the number of districts

Type the number of districts in the No. of Districts edit box. Then, click Compute Ideal.

Set the ideal value directly

Type the value in the Ideal Value edit box.

Compute the ideal value

Enter the number of districts in the Number of Districts edit box and click Compute Ideal. Maptitude for Redistricting computes the ideal value and displays it in the Ideal Value edit box.

  1. Click OK.

Maptitude for Redistricting begins using the new settings.

If the number of districts is changed in Plan Settings, the Deviation and %Deviation fields will update based on the newly computed Ideal Value. You will then need to balance the plan manually or by using one of Maptitude for Redistricting’s automated redistricting tools.

Use the Redistricting Toolbox to edit the district boundaries. See Adding or Removing Districts from the Redistricting Plan.



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