Redistricting Desktop vs. Maptitude for Online Redistricting Feature By Feature

Maptitude for Redistricting is the desktop redistricting application. It has the most comprehensive tools for plan creation, comparison, analysis, and export.

Maptitude for Online Redistricting (MORe) is designed for use by the public. The online tool contains streamlined tools for drawing plan boundaries.

The table below provides a detailed comparison of features in the two products.

  Feature Desktop MORe
Redistricting Toolbox X X
Pending Changes X X
Plan Manager    
     Plans X X
     Libraries X X
          Security X  
          Custom Layouts X  
     Templates X  
     Plan Sets X  
     Reports X  
     Plan Settings X X
     Communities of Interest X  
     Lock All X  
     Unlock All X  
     Modify Multiple Districts X  
Close Plan X X
AutoDistrict X  
Hierarchical AutoDistrict X  
Ensembles X  
Default Sort Order X  
Field Sets X  
Plan Sets X  
Suggest Features X  
Balance Adjacent Districts X  
Reports X X
Report Sets X  
Print Map Book X  
Backup Plan X  
Snapshots X  
Versioning X  
Plan Integrity    
     Find Unassigned Areas X X
     Automatically Assign Unassigned Areas X  
     Find Non‐Contiguous Areas X X
    Travel Contiguity X  
     List Incomplete Districts X  
     Verify Boundaries X  
     Verify Plan X  
Plan Utilities    
     Export Plan X  
     Merge Plans X  
     Compare Two Plans X  
     Compare Plan Attributes X  
     Copy Color Theme X  
     Disaggregate/Aggregate X  
     Copy Joined Fields X  
     Email Plan X X
     Publish Plan to HTML X  
Geographic Utilities    
     Create Intersected Lines X  
     Copy Nodes X  
Login X X
Logout X X
Redistricting Toolbox Target drop‐down X X
District Pointer X X
Change District Settings X  
Reverse Target and Source District X  
Source drop‐down X X
Selection layer drop‐down X X
Select by Pointing X X
Select by Rectangle X  
Select by Circle X X
Select by Shape X X
Select by Line X  
Select by Condition X  
Clear Selection X X
Update districts X X
Zoom to District X X
Show Entire Plan X X
Theme drop‐down X X
District Layout X  
District and Touching District Layout X  
Highlight District and Touching District Layout    
Highlight Source and Target District X X
Plan Settings Base Layer drop‐down X  
Import Plan X  
Control field drop‐down X  
Districts Name drop‐down X  
No of Districts text box X  
Ideal Value text box X  
Compute Ideal button X  
Summary fields X  
% Denominator drop‐down X  
Plan Type X  
Administrator X  
Comments X  
Layer Relationships X  
Boundary Layer X  
Incumbents file X  
Layer Hierarchy X  
Restricted Area X  
Max. Deviation X  
Allow point contiguity checkbox X  
Number of Backup Files X  
Automatic Backups X  
Versioning X  
Selected Area Display Style X  
Locked Districts Display Style X  
Completed Districts Display Style X  
Target District Display Style X  
Source District Display Style X  
Import from equivalency file X  
Infer from point layer attributes X  
Import from area layer X  
Import from existing plan X  
Reports Communities of Interest X  
Communities of Interest ‐ Condensed X  
Communities of Interest by County & District X  
Communities of Interest by District & County X  
Contiguity Report X  
Core Constituencies Report X  
Core Constituencies Report (L) X  
District Statistics X  
District Statistics ‐ Condensed X  
District Statistics (L) X  
Efficiency Gap Report X  
Error Check Report X  
Fracking Report X  
Generic Metes & Bounds X  
Incumbents Report X  
Incumbents Report (PSW) X  
Measures of Compactness    
     Area/Convex Hull X  
     Cut Edges X  
     Ehrenburg X  
     Length‐Width X  
     Perimeter X  
     Polsby‐Popper X  
     Population Circle X  
     Population Polygon X  
     Reock X  
     Alternate Schwatzberg X X
     Schwartzberg X  
Measures of Political Asymmetry    
     Mean-Median X  
     Declination X  
Metes & Bounds X  
Plan Comparison ‐ Detailed Differences X  
Plan Comparison Report X  
Plan Components X  
Plan Components (PSW) X  
Plan Components (short format) X  
Plan Components with Population Detail X  
Plan Components with Population Detail (L) X  
Political Subdivisions Splits X  
Political Subdivisions Splits (PSW) X  
Population Summary X X
Population Summary (L) X  
Population Summary (L, 14×8.5) X  
Population Summary (Multi‐member) X  
Population Summary (PSW) X  
Travel Contiguity X  
User Reports X  
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