Redistricting Desktop vs. Maptitude for Online Redistricting

Maptitude for Redistricting is available on two platforms, a Windows-based desktop application, and an online application.

The desktop tool has the most comprehensive tools for plan creation, comparison, analysis, and export. The online tool requires the desktop for setup and contains streamlined tools for drawing plan boundaries.

The table below compares the desktop and online applications.

Feature Maptitude for Redistricting Desktop Installation Maptitude for Online Redistricting (MORe)
Concurrent Users 1 License Dependent
Current Release    
Travel Conguity x  
Auto-Districting x  
Ensembles x  
Create a new plan based upon one or more plans made available by the plan administrator x x
Draw districts x x
Switch between color themes x x
Zoom to a target or source district x x
Obtain information about all of the districts in the plan, and sort that information by any field x x
Easily visualize selected geography on the map and corresponding attributes in a window x x
Run simple reports that provide key information about the plan x x
Find unassigned areas x x
Find non-contiguous areas x x
Find an address or district x x
Print the map as it appears on screen x x
Email a plan x x
Share a plan    
Unlimited pin-mapping (see for more) x  
Comprehensive GIS tools (see for more) x  
Unlimited theme and labeling options x  
Creation of templates x  
Creation of report sets x  
Ability to secure plan libraries x  
Creating and monitoring communities of interest in a plan x  
Changing the summary fields, number of districts, incumbents file, ideal deviation, boundaries that should not be crossed for nested districts (and more) for existing plans x  
Changing district IDs, district long names, the number of members (and more) for multiple districts at one time x  
Ability to automatically create district boundaries, with a number of options (Autodistrict) x  
Ability to create subsets of summary fields and switch between sets x  
Ability to create sets of plans and easily switch between plans at the same geographic location x  
Tool that suggests nearby geographic candidates that fall within the current district’s population shortfall x  
Tool that provides options for balancing two districts along a district border x  
More than 35 in-depth reports x  
Ability to create a map book for the entire plan or portion of a plan x  
Ability to create snapshots in a plan for what-if scenarios that can be reverted at any time x  
Tool that automatically assigns an unassigned feature to the surrounding district if the unassigned feature is completely enclosed x  
Tool that verifies boundaries when nested districts have been specified for the plan x  
Tool to merge two plans x  
Tools to compare plan attributes and geography x  
Disaggregation/Aggregation wizard x  
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