Map Your Own Data with Maptitude

Maptitude lets you create maps using your own data. Whether you store your data in Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server, or as CSV, text, dBASE, Oracle, or any ODBC compliant data source, Maptitude can work with your data.

Create-a-Map WizardTM gives you start-to-finish assistance for locating (geocoding), geographically analyzing, and mapping your data. In a few easy steps, you can locate your customers, color code ZIP/Postal Codes with your sales data, build bands around your stores, and much more. (Show me more)

You can use the powerful database capabilities of Maptitude to join your data to an existing map layer. You can then use your data to create themes, add labels, or analyze geographically. You can also display tables that show data from the map layer side-by-side with your own data. You can even create formulas that combine data from the two different sources.

You can also use the built-in geocoding tools to pin map your data. By locating a point feature for every record in your table you can see the distribution of your customers, facilities, or other resources.

Geocoding Features