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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Street Mapping Software

  • Nationwide street geography for your region is included
  • Worldwide highway data included with international street data available
  • Analysis tools for partitioning streets and creating distance and drive-time bands
  • Find shortest paths and delivery routes
  • Locate your own data down to the street level
Create street-level maps for any region that can be used for geocoding, routing, or drive-time analysis

FIGURE 1: Use the included data to create street-level maps which can be used for routing, geocoding, or drive-time analysis.

Create highway maps for anywhere in the world

FIGURE 2: Create highway maps for anywhere in the world.

Drive-time analysis map with customer locations

FIGURE 3: Create rings based on distance or drive time.

Streets partitioned based on drive time to nearest fire station

FIGURE 4: Partition streets and create zones based on the proximity of the streets to features such as schools or fire stations. The areas above indicate which fire station has the shortest drive time to the streets within that area.

International Street Mapping

Maptitude includes international highways that allow you to create effective maps of any region in the world (Figure 2), while you can perform more detailed street level mapping and analysis in many countries (U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and more).

Maptitude includes nationwide streets for the country of your choice. The streets include address and Postal/ZIP Code data for locating (pin-mapping) your data. All classes of road are included such as highways/motorways, major roads, minor roads, trails, and ferry routes.

Answer a few simple questions and Create-a-Map Wizard™ makes a map at any scale; from all the countries of the world to streets around an address, landmark, or intersection.

Click here to see a short demo of mapping and analyzing
your data with the Maptitude Create-a-Map Wizard.

Furthermore, Caliper offers the Download Free Layers add-in that provides easy access to no-cost web-based data sources. This tool allows you to access street level data for countries around the world.

Please contact Caliper Sales for information on obtaining street-level map data for other countries.

Street-Level Geographic Analysis

Street-based tools allow you to create drive-time (or distance) rings. You can use the rings to determine areas that are underserved or to determine how many of your customers are within a 15-minute drive of a store or more than 30 minutes from a store (Figure 3).

You can also partition streets into zones based on the drive time to the nearest facility. For example, create zones that show the areas that are best served by each fire station in a city, or that show which school is closest to each street within a city (Figures 4).

Maptitude can also find shortest routes with directions or create delivery routes to any number of stops based on delivery sequence or fastest time (Figure 1).

GPS Support

Maptitude also has GPS support, allowing you to track your location at the street level, perform field data collection, or create and edit geographic files.

You can further enhance your maps by using the included tools for accessing free imagery from the Internet. With a single mouse click you can download aerial imagery and topographic maps from Google Earth or any image server (WMS).

Geocoding/Pin Mapping

Maptitude has powerful capabilities for mapping your data:

CLICK HERE to learn more about Maptitude.

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