This resource file demonstrates how to import all the Shapefiles in a directory where all such files have a common coordinate system (in this case the common coordinate system is the British National Grid). The macro illustrates how to:

  1. Import all of the Shapefiles in a folder
  2. Import all of the Shapefiles in a folder specifying their coordinate system
  3. Error handling
  4. Use of the functions ChooseDirectory() and ImportArcViewShape()


  1. Download the file GISDK_Batch Import BNG and extract the file BATCH IMPORT BNG SHAPEFILES.RSC. A good place to save the resource file is in the GISDK\Samples folder in the Maptitude program folder.
  2. Choose Tools-GIS Developer's Kit-GISDK Toolbar to open the GISDK toolbar.
  3. Compile this macro in test mode using the Compile button (first button).
  4. Run this macro by clicking the Test button (second button), typing the dialog box name (Batch Import BNG Shapefiles), clicking the Macro radio button, and clicking OK.
  5. The INPATH is a folder containing Shapefiles in the BNG
  6. The OUTPATH is the folder where you want the new .DBD files to be saved