How can I share Redistricting Plans with Maptitude and non-Maptitude users?

Sharing with Maptitude Users

The best option to share your plans with other Maptitude users is to send them your plan backup file (the file). You can create a plan backup of the plan you would like to share and send that plan backup to the user. Then, the user can restore from the plan backup to create a copy of your plan.

Please note that the other user must have Maptitude for Redistricting and is licensed to redistrict in the plan’s region. Additionally, you will also need to share all the custom layers in the plan you are sharing.

For information on creating and restoring from plan backups, please see this article.

Sharing with Non-Maptitude Users

There are several options for you to share your plan with non-Maptitude users.

First, you can make use of Caliper’s Plan Publisher to publish your plans on the web. This add-on is great way to share any number of plans with the public via a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. You can get more information on the Plan Publisher here.

Second, you can export the districts layer as a geographic file (ESRI Shapefile, GEOJSON, etc.) by following this video.

Third, you can export the plan as an equivalency file by following this video.

Fourth, you can create a Map Book of the plan by going to Redistricting>Print Map Book. This will generate a ‘book’ of layouts for each district in your plan. Please see this video on how to make changes to the district layouts.

Finally, you can also create a layout that shows your entire map instead of individual districts. Please see this video on how to create a layout (note that this link will lead you to the standard Maptitude learning portal).

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