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Data Products for Purchase

Australian Data DVD
This DVD contains numerous Australian nationwide geographic layers.
Nationwide database delivered on a single DVD
Airport Runways
Area Landmarks
Capital Territory Roads, Rail, & Landmarks
Collection Districts (CD), 2006
Commonwealth Electoral Division (CED), 2004 Commonwealth Electoral Division (CED), 2007
Digital Elevation Model, 9-Second, 2005
Elevation Contours
Indigenous Area (IARE), 2006
Indigenous Location (ILOC), 2006
Indigenous Regions (IREG), 2006
Local Government Area (LGA), 2007
Major Statistical Region (MSR), 2007
Mesh Blocks, 2006
Point Landmarks
Populated Places
Postal Areas (POA), 2006
Remoteness Area , 2006
Section of State (SOS), 2006
Section of State Range, 2006
State and Territory (S/T), 2007
State Electoral Division(SED), 2006
State Suburbs (SSC), 2006
Statistical District (S Dist), 2007
Statistical Division (SD), 2007
Statistical Local Areas (SLA), 2007
Statistical Region (SR), 2007
Statistical Region Sector, 2007
Statistical Subdivision (SSD), 2007
Urban Centres and Localities (UC/L), 2006
Water Areas
Ships with an Australian Map Library, making it easy to create attractive maps with the Map Librarian. You can quickly create overview maps for any location, with maps for use with the 300,000+ Australian mesh blocks, the smallest geographic area available, you can effectively map population, households, and land use.
The data allow postal area mapping and geocoding, but do not permit address matching (geocoding)
Caliper compact data format (CDF) for use with TransCAD and Maptitude versions 5.0 or higher
SINGLE USER LICENSE: Licensed for use with a single copy of Maptitude or TransCAD
This product has been discontinued. Geographic data for Australia is provided with the Australian edition of Maptitude 2012.
To Order:
Download the Data CD Order Form and fax to 617-527-5113, or call Caliper Sales at 617-527-4700.

Australia Subdivision Population Map Created with Maptitude map software

Land Use Map of Perth, Australia Created with Maptitude map software

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