This macro displays a dialog box (dbox_sampler) that illustrates all of the user interface items that can be shown in a dialog box. Each item is displayed, along with the GISDK code used to create it. By clicking on each tab in this dialog box and printing it, you can produce a quick reference chart to use when creating dialog boxes.

To run this macro using the GISDK toolbox:

  1. Download the file GISDK_DBOXSAMPLER.ZIP and extract the file DBOX SAMPLER.RSC. A good place to save the resource file is in the GISDK\Samples folder in the Maptitude program folder.
  2. Choose Tools-GIS Developer's Kit-GISDK Toolbar to open the GISDK toolbar.
  3. Compile this macro in test mode using the first button (Compile)
  4. Run this macro by clicking the second button (Test), typing the macro name "Dbox Sampler", and clicking OK. The type of add-in is macro (the default).

Information on installing and using this macro can also be found at the beginning of the file, and can be viewed using your text editor.