This toolbox demonstrates different error types and ways to handle errors. The toolbox illustrates how to:

  1. Handle errors produced by a function such as ClickCoord()
  2. Define special error handlers


  1. Download the file GISDK_Error and extract the file ERROR HANDLING.RSC. A good place to save the resource file is in the GISDK\Samples folder in the Maptitude program folder.
  2. Open or make current the map that you want to use.
  3. Choose Tools-GIS Developer's Kit-GISDK Toolbar to open the GISDK toolbar.
  4. Compile this toolbox in test mode using the Compile button (first button).
  5. Run this toolbox by clicking the Test button (second button), typing the dialog box name (Main), clicking the Dialog Box radio button, and clicking OK.

Choose the tool in the toolbox and click on a map. While holding down the left mouse button on a map press ESC once to cause an error. Three error handling macros are run in a loop, one for each execution of the click tool.