Caliper Alternative to SpatiaLogic

Caliper is a consultancy company offering geospatial services. Whether you are looking for GIS outsourcing, GIS services or need to hire GIS mapping consultants, Caliper can meet your needs.

We have specific expertise in Cloud mapping, healthcare, business and retail, politics, and banking and finance.

Our GIS experts, engineers, and designers are seasoned professionals in the field who can support you with your project and company needs.

Let us use our experience and technologies to save you money and get the location-based results that make your company more effective.

Alternative to SpatiaLogic
Charlotte Wang

“My experience with Caliper was very smooth, the team responded very promptly to our enquiry, and were both accommodating and professional. For a busy research team, their customer service was both helpful and discerning, seamlessly reacting to our situation.”

Charlotte Wang