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Maptitude for Great Britain

Learning Maptitude

Other Maptitude Training OptionsCaliper offers many different options to help you learn how to use Maptitude. Classroom training classes are held regularly at our headquarters in the United States. Caliper also periodically offers classroom training in London. In addition, on-site and web-based training options are also available.

Below is an overview for each day of training:

Overview Day 1: (December 12)

 • Use Create-a-Map Wizard to quickly map and analyze your data, apply styles, and add themes

 • Learn how you can use Maptitude to map and analyze data

 • Control map layers and their settings with the Display Manager

 • Visualize your data using thematic tools including color, symbol, pattern, scaled-symbol, chart, dot-density, and 3D themes

 • Learn the basics of data management such as clicking on a map to view information for that location 

 • Learn how to create and use multiple, named selection sets (database filters)

 • Add imagery to your maps such as Google Earth


Overview Day 2: (December 13)

 • Present your data using report layouts and use your maps in other programs

 • Locate your data by postal code, city, pointing, value, and by coordinate

 • Use GIS analytical tools to create circular buffers and "hot-spot" density grids, and to overlay your data with demographics or any other mapped dataset

 • Learn about database joins and attaching your data to map features such as postal boundaries

 • Use the powerful district and territory creation tools, including non-overlapping zones, as-the-crow-flies service areas, overlapping zones, and street based districts


The cost is US$1125 to attend the 2 day class. Advance registration and payment is required. You are not registered until you receive a confirmation.

If you would like to register please register online. Once we have received your registration we will send you confirmation and charge you for attendance, at which point you can make travel plans. Please do not make travel plans until you have received confirmation of the training. Confirmation will only be sent out when the minimum number of trainees have registered.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to