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TransModeler SE with HCS™ Highway Capacity Software

You can obtain a one-year license of TransModeler SE for no charge with your HCS license

TransModeler now allows you to simulate signalized intersections and urban streets directly from HCS version 7.7 or later. Using TransModeler as the simulation tool to complement or extend your traffic analysis project allows you to:

  • Quickly animate operating conditions based on HCS inputs
  • Study interaction effects between closely-spaced intersections and/or access points along an arterial
  • Optimize signal timings along a corridor using state-of-the-art simulation-based performance metrics
  • Create unconventional or alternative intersection designs and signal phasing patterns, such as Median U-Turns (MUT), Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUT), Continuous Flow Intersections (CFI) and Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI)
  • Quantify the effects of traffic control characteristics beyond the scope of HCM methodologies, such as channelized turn lanes and right-turn-on-red movements
  • Create microsimulation-based, HCM-compliant Level of Service LOS reports for Intersections (by individual lanes, lane groups, or approaches), Interchanges, Roundabouts and Urban Streets
  • Model residual queuing effects with multi-period turning movement volumes
  • Perform Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA) with the latest ITE Trip Generation rates
  • Add adjacent freeway segments to interchange junctions to study the impacts of travel time and travel time reliability improvements on mixed urban street and freeway networks
  • Visualize traffic operations with high-resolution 3D animation

Information on downloading HCS with complimentary access to TransModeler SE can be found at the McTrans website.


TransModeler traffic simulation showing level of service and traffic impact for signalized intersections and alternative intersections

The full functionality and flexibility of TransModeler SE is now available to users who wish to extend their HCS analysis to more detailed and more accurate evaluation of a broader variety of geometric designs, from single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts to novel intersection and interchange designs,

Level of Service (LOS) reports for intersections, interchanges, and roundabouts
Microsimulation of alternative intersections, signalized intersections, and roundabouts